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Aerospace Solutions

  • CHEP Aerospace Solutions

    CHEP Aerospace Solutions

    CHEP undertakes specialist services for the aviation industry including asset management, supply, maintenance and repair solutions.

  • Services, products and systems tailored to the aviation industry

    New generation ULDs

    We offer an extensive range of ULDs that include aluminium and lightweight containers, standard and heavy-weight pallets and speciality ULDs.

    We have already converted 90% of our AKE fleet to lightweight units, supporting our customers’ desire to generate fuel cost saving (around US$2500-3000/ year/ container position), reduce carbon emission by around 30%, increase cargo capacity and revenue, and lower maintenance and repair costs.

    If you would like to find out how much you can save with our lightweight ULDs, including capital expenditure, as we take over the cost of converting your fleet to lightweight containers, please insert your aircraft and ULD fleet data in our interactive calculator 

    ACTIS - tablet technology for MRO

    Our proprietary web-based software ACTIS has been developed in-house and enhanced over the past 15 years to address our customers’ need for full visibility on the repair status of their assets.

    ACTIS generates real-time and historic reports, tracks galley carts, enables reduced turnaround times and improves asset utilisation by providing valuable insights into total cost of ownership (TCO).

    It is also utilised to improve ULD and galley cart design by tracking damage trends and sharing statistics with the manufacturers. 

    CHEP Focus - ULD management app

    CHEP’s app simplifies several paper-based ULD-related processes, saving time and money for airlines, ground handling agents and other key industry stakeholders. It liaises with web-based tools and is able to

    • Read the ULD's ID code via barcode scanning or optical character recognition
    • Record and transmit ULD messages in the standard IATA format
    • Submit stock data and ad-hoc track and trace requests
    • Provide up-to-date serviceability information including a photo of the ULD
    • Determine the location via geospatial data

    CanTrackTM - 2015 IATA Air Cargo Innovation Award Winner

    One of our most exciting innovations is the award-winning CanTrackTM , a GPRS tracking solution for ULDs, consisting of a solar panel and a customised power converter which are fitted onto the container and harvest energy from sun- and daylight to charge the on-board batteries.

    CanTrackTM  provides accurate real-time information on temperature, humidity, impact and the location of the ULD and its cargo, enabling damage reduction, greater visibility and improved velocity through the supply chain. It can also improve safety aboard aircraft and provide value-added applications for high value and temperature-controlled goods, among other benefits.

    Benefits for your business

    • Gain access to innovation without using your own resources
    • Save time and money across your business
    • Increase environmental benefits
    • Support corporate objectives
    • Enhance customer satisfaction
    • Improve operating efficiency
    • Mitigate risk of investing into new products and technologies
    • Leverage learnings and replicate innovative solutions across the business 

    The CHEP Aerospace Solutions business was purchased by EQT Infrastructure II in November 2016. The CHEP Aerospace Solutions business is now financially and legally independent from Brambles Industries Limited and its affiliates.

  • Maintenance and Repair - Standards for Unit Load Devices (ULDs) in the Aviation Industry

    CHEP Aerospace Solutions specialise in the repair and maintenance of airline-owned non-flight critical equipment such as galley carts and ULDs. Whether you require repair services at a single station or across the globe, CHEP offers world-class repair services at a competitive price.

    CHEP's extensive network of 50 accredited service centres located at many key airports across the world ensures you don't need to unnecessarily ship damaged ULDs and galley carts to one specific location.

    CHEP Aerospace Solutions can also provide a tracking system for your galley carts, as part of the total repair and maintenance service. This proprietary tracking system is part of ACTIS, a unique software program that not only tracks galley carts, but provides online information to customers for all ULD repair and maintenance needs.

    All CHEP Aerospace Service Centres offer fully certified individual maintenance and repair programs for:

    Cargo Equipment

    Galley Equipment

    Cargo containers


    Cargo pallets

    Carrying boxes

    Nets and straps

    Oven racks

    Special cargo equipment

    Liquid containers

    Ladders & ground handling equipment

    Hot cups

    Logistics support programs




    In addition to these core services, CHEP Aerospace Solutions also offers aircraft seating fitting, inflight entertainment fitting, and other non-flight critical services.

    Benefits of Outsourced Maintenance & Repair for the Aviation Industry

    • Lower overall repair and maintenance costs
    • Guaranteed quality with CHEP's extensive network of fully certified service centres
    • Accurate insight to your ULD and galley cart costs through access to CHEP's proprietary system - ACTIS
    • Less positioning of damaged ULDs through using CHEP's extensive global repair network
    • Increased flexibility in budgetary control through a maintenance program suited to your needs
    • Access to on-site service support within a global organisation, using improved up-to-date methods and materials and skilled technicians

    In summary

    • Lower repair and maintenance costs
    • Local or global repair services available
    • Fully certified repair and maintenance programs
    • Transparency of your true ULD and galley cart costs
    • CHEP simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business
  • Short Term Solutions

    CHEP Aerospace Solutions can help you overcome the challenges of unforeseen ULD shortages, whether on a short, medium or long term basis.

    With an array of ULD types available from containers to pallets, and with short term solutions available from as little as 7 days, CHEP provides peace of mind when looking to cover your temporary ULD needs.

    CHEP's network of fully-certified MRO stations provides the flexibility to pick-up and return ULDs from a range of convenient airport locations.

    Benefits of Short Term Solutions for the Aviation Industry

    • Increased cargo and baggage uplift due to ability to meet unexpected ULD shortages
    • Reduced positioning costs of empty ULDs via convenient pick-up and return of products due to access to an extensive network of airport locations
    • Ability to cover peak seasonal requirements or aircraft subleases through on-demand availability
    • Increased ease of budget forecasting with a transparent and stable pricing structure
    • Assured airworthiness with all ULDs serviced and maintained to industry standards
    • Flexible terms to meet unplanned shortages with short term solutions available from as little as 7 days

    In summary

    • Fast access to a wide range of pallets and containers
    • Short term solutions from as little as 7 days
    • Extensive network of pick-up and return locations
    • CHEP simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business
  • Equipment Pooling for the Aerospace Industry

    There are over a million ULDs in circulation today with the majority owned and managed by individual airlines. However, a growing trend to cut costs through outsourcing has seen the acceptance of equipment pooling in the aviation industry grow in popularity. CHEP Aerospace Solutions is uniquely positioned to assist airlines by providing services to passenger and cargo carriers across the globe.

    How does pooling work?


    Benefits of Outsourced Pooling Solutions for the Aviation Industry

    • Remove replacement costs - CHEP is fully responsible for purchasing ULDs for growth and replacement
    • Reduce ULD positioning costs through the delivery of pooling synergies
    • Ensure continuity of supply even during peak periods via a flexible and scalable on-demand service
    • Reduce environmental footprint with a decrease in overall miles and fuel normally required to reposition empty ULDs
    • Access to industry experts with 24x7 support from a global operations team and local account managers
    • Ongoing cost reductions through greater stock management efficiencies
    • Assured fleet airworthiness through a network of certified service centres

    In summary

    • Ensure all equipment meets industry compliance requirements
    • The largest independent fleet of ULDs
    • Around-the-clock support from aviation pooling experts
    • CHEP simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business