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    Pallets and pallet nets exclusively for the aviation industry

    With a pooling inventory of 80,000 ULDs, CHEP Aerospace Solutions has an extensive range of aviation pallets available under a full outsourced ULD management service. These pallets are suitable for a large range of passenger and freighter aircraft, and include PMC, PAG, heavy duty pallets and many more, all inclusive of nets. For the complete range of products available and specification of each product please use the Product Finder provided on the right of this page.

    Aviation Pallet Solutions - the benefits for your business

    • Reduce total cost of ownership for ULD management by outsourcing to a global provider
    • Balance sheet relief via a capital injection when selling your existing ULDs to CHEP
    • No ongoing CAPEX requirements as CHEP is responsible for purchasing ULDs for growth and replacement
    • Lean OPEX as CHEP offers full flexibility and scalability in monthly stock requirements according to aircraft fleet and network needs
    • Operational peace-of-mind with CHEP's 24/7/365 global operations team and local account managers supporting your ULD network
    • Less hassle as CHEP is responsible for management, tracking & tracing, and coordinating repositioning
    • Fuel cost savings as CHEP's global network of repair shops minimise unnecessary movement of damaged ULDs

    In Summary

    • All Unit Load Devices are maintained and repaired at certified repair centres
    • Lowest total cost of ownership
    • No CAPEX and reduced OPEX
    • Leaner and greener than a stand-alone operation
    • CHEP simplifies your logistics process so you can focus on your business

    So if you are looking for a smarter way to manage your ULD fleet, CHEP Aerospace Solutions has the solution to meet your needs.

    The CHEP Aerospace Solutions business was purchased by EQT Infrastructure II in November 2016. The CHEP Aerospace Solutions business is now financially and legally independent from Brambles Industries Limited and its affiliates.