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Aerospace Solutions

  • CHEP Aerospace Solutions

    CHEP Aerospace Solutions

    CHEP undertakes specialist services for the Aviation industry including ULD pooling, short term solutions, repair and maintenance services.

  • Outsourcing to reduce ULD management costs and improve operational efficiency

    With rising fuel costs, fluctuating fuel prices, emission regulations and an uncertain global economy - achieving peak performance requires greater agility and focus on operational efficiency.

    CHEP Aerospace Solutions has been born out of the amalgamation of the world’s leading independent ULD pooling provider, Unitpool, and two of the industry’s most respected MRO service and system providers, JMI Aerospace and Driessen Services. With this new scope of experience, we are the only independent service provider in ULD Management and Galley Cart Management, as well as MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul) of non flight-critical equipment.

    Our single focus is to help passenger and cargo airlines reduce ULD and galley cart-driven costs.

    We do this by providing  customer insight into total cost of ownership of ULD and galley cart fleets via our Lean Six Sigma processes. This means, we map cost requirements and reductions for airlines against our cost-down, outsourced measures.

    Combined with our innovative transition to lightweight ULDs - we can help carriers save on fuel and CO2 emissions.

    Through total asset and operation clarity, we help customers evaluate their owned and operated ULD and galley cart fleet to see if they're headed in the right strategic direction.

    Our capabilities - ULD and galley cart solutions

    • Enjoy lower costs of outsourced ULD/galley cart solutions and higher service levels in your time-critical operating environment
    • First-class reaction times to alleviate any flow on delays for short-term ULD needs
    • Offering a total ULD management system, saving time and money for greater efficiencies

    ULD management - benefits for your business

    • We deliver the full benefits of ULD industry-wide pooling from the largest ULD pool of more than 50,000 containers across 300+ airports
    • 24x7, 365 day operation control - including a network of ground service employees
    • Tailored asset management solutions
    • Value-added services of ULD provision, integrated global repair, and short-term ULD requirements
    • An integrated repair network of 50 stations, for timely repairs at the point of damage
    • We're a division of Brambles, a global logistics leader with a market cap of over $US10 billion and operations in over 50 countries
    • Customers include Qantas, Virgin Atlantic Cargo, Singapore Airlines, Cargolux and SAS Scandinavian Airlines

    Our people

    We're proactive, engaged, and at your service 24x7, 365 days a year.

    • With experienced aviation know-how, logistics and asset management experience you can rely on
    • Our staff are trained to provide a first-class, time-critical response to problem solving
    • Embedded operations staff and sustained customer engagement for ULD and galley cart-driven cost reduction
    • Lean Six Sigma Black Belts to quickly identify ongoing cost-down opportunities