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Aerospace Solutions

  • CHEP Aerospace Solutions

    CHEP Aerospace Solutions

    CHEP undertakes specialist services for the aviation industry including asset management, supply, maintenance and repair solutions.

  • Outsourcing to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency

    Meeting your passengers’ expectations and increasing your cargo revenue in an uncertain global economy requires a strategic partner with the right solutions for your needs.

    CHEP Aerospace Solutions’ asset management and repair services for ULDs, galley carts and ground support equipment are designed to enable you to focus on your core business of flying passengers and cargo whilst delivering significant cost savings and operational benefits across your network. We provide tailor-made outsourcing solutions which meet the specific needs of your business and enhance your operations.

    CHEP Aerospace Solutions, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, manages the world’s largest independent fleet of ULDs and owns the largest global network for the maintenance and repair of containers, pallets and inflight food service equipment. We provide outsourcing solutions for more than 80 airlines all over the world.

    Saving you time and money

    Prior to presenting our outsourcing proposal we identify and analyse pain points in your ULD and galley cart operations and provide you with insight into total cost of ownership (TCO) of your assets via our Lean Six Sigma processes. Our customised solutions are designed to continually provide value for your business whilst saving you time and money in your operations.

    Whether you are looking to reduce your fuel costs and CO2 emissions, gain access to the latest innovations, guarantee airworthiness and compliance, or remove the burden of repair and maintenance of ULDs and galley carts, our outsourcing solutions can help you improve your business performance and deliver significant cost savings and operational benefits.

    Our capabilities – ULD and galley cart solutions

    ULD supply and management – lower costs through outsourced ULD solutions that deliver scale and synergies and allow you to focus on your core business

    ULD and galley cart maintenance and repair (MRO) – guaranteed quality and lower service costs of airline-owned, non-flight-critical equipment

    Key facts

    ·   80,000 ULDs owned and managed

    ·   350,000+ ULDs and galley carts serviced annually

    ·   30,000+ ULDs assembled in five years

    ·   48 certified repair centres, 29 of which are owned and managed by CHEP

    ·   380+ airports served

    ·   24/7/365 Global Operations Centre

    ·   550+ aviation professionals worldwide

    ·   25+ years of industry experience

    The CHEP Aerospace Solutions business was purchased by EQT Infrastructure II in November 2016. The CHEP Aerospace Solutions business is now financially and legally independent from Brambles Industries Limited and its affiliates.