Liners for CHEP Pallecon Bag-in-Box Containers

CHEP's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility provides a wide range of liners and accessories for liquids, using the latest technology that complies with all food hygiene standards. We aim for optimal efficiency in filling and discharging, whilst ensuring product protection.

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  • Wide range of liners for every product

    From open top to form fit, hot fill film and aseptic, ensuring you have the right liner for your products. Our liners are made for dairy, produce, fruit juice and pulps, sauces, liquid egg and other food ingredients. We will help you find a tailor made solution.

  • Protecting your product from contamination

    All of our liner bags are ISO 9000, BRC/IOP and IMS approved, meeting EC and FDA standards – drastically reducing the risk of cross contamination.

  • More efficient filling and discharging

    A wide range of filling and discharging options, including aseptic applications. The fill inlet and discharge outlet are always alligned with the customer need to obtain an as efficient process as possible

  • Driving sustainable solutions

    Our liners are fully recyclable ensuring compliance with environmental legisation. Fill and discharge options are moulded from compatible materials to ensure that no stripping or separation is required prior to disposal or recycling.

How it works

  • Easy build-up

  • Fast fill-in

  • Stack up to 5 containers

  • Flexible discharge

  • Stackable empty containers

Food-grade hygiene. Certified by the best in the field.

  • ISO 9001
  • OHSAS 180001
  • BRCGS Storage & Distribution 
  • BRCGS Packaging Materials
  • FDA

Want to understand more on how we improve product safety?

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Food certificates
Food certificates

Get an idea of which liner should be used – pick between shape, size, fill and properties

  1. Shape


    We offer following shapes: Standard, EasyFill, Form fit, Air assist.
 The standard liner refers to a normal pillow liner, where the fill gland is located in the centre of the liner. 
The EasyFill is an extended pillow liner with the fill gland located at the edge of the back of the liner. 
A Form Fit type liner is a pre-shaped liner matching the dimensions of the container.
    Taken quite literally, the Air Assist helps discharge the product from the liner by having compressed air injected into a second cavity, to push the product out.

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  2. Volume


    Our lines fit following CHEP Pallecon Bag in Box Containers: 250 L, 500 L, 1000L

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  3. Fill


    There are different ways of filling that fit our CHEP Pallecon Bag in Box Containers best: Top Fill, Bottom Fill, Aseptic Fill, Hot Fill

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  4. Properties


    There are different properties to consider when selecting a liner: EPA (EPA is a pharmaceutical certified layer), Antistatic (This film should be used for any product that requires static protection), Hot Fill (Hot Fill layers are for liners in which products go that need a higher fill temperature (above 80 and up to 100), Flex Crack (Flexcrack layers help products that require travelling longer distances, or on ‘bad roads’. It is also used for any sea travel, and basically is more durable against flex-cracking.)

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Our CHEP Experts are available to help you with:

  • Assessing how you fill and understand the discharge
  • Free advise on most effective liner solution
  • Free trial on-site
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Get a free consultation with a local CHEP expert.


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