Pallecon Intercon (04131)

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The INTERCON Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) is light weight and noncorrosive plastic container specifically introduced for the food manufacturing sector.

Made from food-grade polypropylene, this lightweight 1000litre unit can be used liquid food applications from juices, oil, mayonnaise, to vinegar. Being 40% lighter than some composite alternatives, the INTERCON significantly increases payload capacity and reduces reverse logistics costs. Plus it features a number of innovations to meet the high standards of the food industry and to withstand the rigours of the pooled environment.

The INTERCON is compatible with General Purpose shipping containers (ISO), returnable, reusable and recyclable and brings additional flexibility to CHEP’s range of material handling solutions.

Features and Benefits

  • The strong, lightweight construction enhances the unit’s safety and handling characteristics, and with a carrying capacity of 1.4 tonnes, enables increased freight efficiencies.
  • The unit’s 4-way access design allows forklift access from all 4 sides providing greater handling efficiencies.
  • The quick and easy to clean, flat, smooth finish of the walls is designed to enhance hygiene and reduce the risk of damage to liner bags and contents.
  • The overlapping walls and base fully enclose the unit to protect the liner bag and help keep the interior clean.
  • In addition to its strengthened latching system, the unit can be secured with tamper evident seals.
  • A row of sight glasses provides quick and convenient visibility of content levels.
  • The drop door enables easy access to the internal base for manual filling and placement of liner bags.
  • The positioning of the bottom discharge sump below the internal base is designed to minimize residue. For products not requiring bottom discharge, an internal sump cover is available.
  • The foldable design permits savings in freight costs when transporting empty.


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  • Dimensions - in millimeters Dimensions - in inch

    1145 45.1
    1145 45.1
    1110 43.7
    1065 41.9
    1045 41.1
    940 37
    1155 45.5
    1155 45.5
    467 18.4
  • Nominal Capacity and Weight

    Maximum capacity
    1060 ltrs 233 (UK) glns
    Maximum load weight
    1400 kgs 3086.4 lbs
    Tare weight
    88.5 kgs 195.1 lbs
  • Configuration and Stacking

    Stacked layers in transit when open
    Stacked layers in transit when folded


  • Materials

    Food grade Polypropylene

  • Recommended Use / Applications

    Export Container ideal for the transportation of: fats and oils, glucose, liquid sugar, syrups, dairy, malt extracts, mayonnaise,vinegar, wine, pharmaceutical and other food ingredients

  • Options and Accessories

    Liners, fill and decant valves

  • Ocean Transportation

    Dependent on weight restrictions in Country

    • 53ft Trailer - 150 when folded
    • 20ft GP Sea container - 50 when folded, 20 when erect
    • 40ft GP Sea container - 100 when folded, 40 when erect

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