Foldable Bin 3 FB3 (07070)

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CHEP’s Foldable Bins (FBs) can be used to move a range of perishable goods – including fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry – through the supply chain from the grower / distributor to retail display.

The Foldable Bin range has three different bin types, including a bin with a fold down half gate and a half bin. They are efficient, safe and hygienic to use for handling ingredients for food processing, and provide a durable, environmentally friendly alternative to using cardboard.

Bins are available from CHEP service centres conveniently located within most major growing regions across Australia, which offer flexibility to manage inventory due to produce seasonality.

Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured using a high quality plastic injection moulding process with food grade plastic
  • Chamfered venting on base and side panels ensures protection of produce whilst providing heightened air flow
  • Fast and easy assembly reducing labour costs and handling
  • Light weight with foldable sides with 3-into-1 fold down ratio increasing transport load efficiencies
  • Easy to clean and impervious to moisture for higher hygiene standards
  • Compatible with automated bin tippers
  • Racking locators ensure stability when racked improving operational safety
  • Easily stackable when loaded or folded improving storage efficiency
  • In-mould label holders for fast and easy product identification
  • Absence of nails and wooden boards ensures minimal damage to product and an improved OH&S environment


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  • Dimensions - in millimeters Dimensions - in inch

    1162 45.7
    1162 45.7
    465 18.3
    1080 42.5
    1090 42.9
    320 12.6
    1162 45.7
    1162 45.7
    269 10.6
  • Nominal Capacity and Weight

    Tare weight
    38 kgs 83.8 lbs

    Maximum capacity 370 litres 0.37 m3
    Maximum load weight 500 kg


  • Materials

    Food Grade Polypropylene (fully recyclable)

  • Configuration and Stacking

    Should not be folded or erected in sub-zero temperatures
    Maximum stacked units when stored loaded should be 8 for up to 30 days in temperatures up to 35 degrees Celsius
    Should not be exposed to temperatures below -30 degrees Celsius
    Maximum stacked units when stored folded should be 20

    Specifications are subject to variation and may be changed without notice. The platform shown here represents the latest developments. For some platforms, earlier versions are sometimes supplied when the latest are not available.

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