The best choice to pack, transport, and display fresh foods

Fresh foods require extra care as they travel from the field to the family table. CHEP’s range of Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs), also known as crates, protect fresh foods better than single-use packaging such as cardboard, and their standardised footprint and sturdy, interlocking design improve efficiencies throughout the supply chain.  

CHEP’s Foldable RPCs can be used to move a range of perishable goods through the supply chain from the grower/ distributor to retail display. Using these containers eliminates single-use packaging and removes the associated environmental impact and the costs of cardboard disposal from the supply chain. 

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Optimise the handling and movement of your berries with CHEP RPCs

From field to store, CHEP RPCs can help you efficiently and cost-effectively move your fresh berries this season.

As the preferred supplier for Coles, CHEP RPCs are washed and dried at service centres across Australia with HACCP certification. They are available in a variety of sizes to suit your storage and distribution needs this harvest season. Click here to view the CHEP Australia Foldable RPC Summary Sheet.

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Enhance your performance this berries season
Enhance your performance this berries season

Suitable for all types of fresh foods

CHEP RPCs optimise the handling and movement of all types of fruit and vegetables including berries, stone fruits, tomatoes, apples, pears, grapes, nuts, mushrooms, kiwi fruits, avocados, citrus, brassicas, bananas, mangoes, melons, cucumbers, capsicums and oranges, plus are also optimised to support the movement of meal kits, salad bags, meat and seafood, plus more...

  • Vegetables

  • Fruits

  • Meal Kits

  • Meat and Seafood

  • Deli Food

Case study with AGRIFresh

Case study

Case study: AGRIFresh

AGRIFresh has been a family owned and operated citrus and mango grower in Western Australia (WA) since 2005. They provide a variety of fruits to the Australian market, from their two orchards strategically located 200km north of Perth.

With a total planting area of 310ha, 265ha is dedicated to citrus production, including Navel oranges and mandarins, and 45ha…

Read more

Helping you achieve your sustainability goals

Working with CHEP’s sustainable share and reuse business model, you can increase both environmental and economic efficiencies in the supply chain. 

Our team of experts combined with our reusable packaging solutions can help your business achieve your targets in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Australia's 2025 National Packaging Targets.

Antonello Produce using CHEP RPCs
Sustainability Goals

Sustainable achievements with reusable packaging

Customers in Australia by sharing and reusing our pallets and RPCs have saved:

  • 125,000 litres of water equivalent to 50 Olympic swimming pools.
  • 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent to 6.8 billion plus kilometres driven by the average car in Australia per annum.
  • 773,000 tonnes of waste equivalent to 110,434 garbage trucks full of waste.

Source: CHEP Australia Sustainability Highlights 2020

Qualipac using CHEP RPCs
Sustainable achievements with reusable packaging

Why CHEP for RPCs?

We’re here to work with you and support you to optimise the quality and freshness of your fresh products from the farm to store. When you choose CHEP for your supply chain solutions you get access to:

  • Better product protection

    CHEP RPCs are specifically designed for the fresh foods supply chain. CHEP RPCs can reduce product damage, cutting food waste and supporting the delivery of higher quality food products to your customers.

  • Achieve cost savings

    CHEP RPCs are cost effective and can help you save time and money by reducing handling, packaging waste and product damage. These containers also flow straight to the retail floor without any unpacking or repacking; and can be flat packed for optimal storage.

  • Optimise product freshness and quality

    Compared with single-use packaging, CHEP RPCs deliver faster product cooling for fruit and vegetables. With more consistent temperature control during handling, storage and movement in your supply chain, this solution supports optimum ripeness and the delivery of superior product integrity.

  • Lower environmental impact

    Compared to single-use packaging, CHEP RPCs can help you save up to 68% carbon emissions, produce 99% less waste and save approximately 85% in water usage.*

    * Source: Carre, A. Bontik, P-A. 2010. Centre for Design & RMIT University, A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Returnable Plastic Crates versus a Disposable Cardboard Carton for Fresh Produce Distribution

  • One stop for all equipment platforms

    For an efficient and sustainable way to move, store and protect your goods, access all your equipment needs on a rental basis from CHEP.  

    With no upfront capital investment, save time and money accessing CHEP’s wide range and depth of supply chain platforms, including: pallets (timber, plastic and display), reusable plastic containers, bins, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and beverage trays. Plus, you receive simple and transparent pricing.

  • CHEP Network Advantage

    CHEP has HACCP accredited facilities to wash and sanitise RPCs after each use. Containers are available from CHEP service centres conveniently located within most major growing regions across Australia.

    When you select CHEP, you join one of the largest trading partner networks in Australia.

  • Ongoing Asset Control Support

    Our Australia based, friendly and knowledgeable team combined with online training and support resources, help you manage your account and improve equipment management.

Transporting and storing fresh produce with CHEP RPCs

Find CHEP platforms

Find CHEP platforms

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