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We aim for sustainable logistics

From soft drinks, detergents and frozen products to cocoa beans, tools and oils,– whatever your product might be, you want it to get to its destination as quickly and efficiently as possible, right?

And that’s what we work towards every single day: to make your supply chain simpler and more efficient. CHEP is the market leader in renting out reusable logistic packaging, such as pallets, containers and plastic crates. We supply the load carriers you need at the time and place you need them, and we also collect them afterwards, inspect and repair if necessary and rent them out again. This way we close the circle and work toward the circular economy.

That means you no longer need to worry about your pallet stock, or about the administration and hidden costs involved in managing your own pallets. Instead, you can focus entirely on your core activities.

Ready to switch to CHEP pallet pooling?
Jeroen Verstraeten Supply Chain Manager MCOF, Vandemoortele

At Vandemoortele Izegem, our employees and our square metres are the most valuable raw materials in our warehousing. By pooling both wooden and plastic pallets, we ensure that our employees and space can be put to valuable use.

Is pallet pooling for you?

CHEP supplies solutions for the transportation of raw materials and packaging, partly finished and finished goods, and merchandising displays right up to the shop floor.

What’s more, by choosing CHEP pallet pooling you can make a contribution to society and help protect the environment. Through transport partnership initiatives and actions to actively reduce CO2 emissions, CHEP is striving for a better planet, better business and better communities

So join 1,200 other companies across the Benelux and take the plunge into the future of pallet sourcing and supply chain management with CHEP – the partner that provides you with complete solutions for your supply chain.

CHEP will be happy to carry out a non-binding analysis of your supply chain in order to identify potential optimisations.

Request your free supply chain analysis
Is pallet pooling for you?
Rudy Goossens Senior Manager Transport Coca-Cola Enterprises

CHEP pallet pooling makes our complex supply chain much simpler, so our people can focus on their core activities.

Our pillars

CHEP Benelux welcomes feedback. Thanks to your feedback, we can continue to improve and optimise our products and services on behalf of your business. The key pillars of CHEP Benelux are set out below.

  • Supply chain efficiency

    Our core business is to help you make your supply chain more efficient and sustainable, and to reduce costs. Use the ‘Power of Pooling’ calculator to discover the benefits of switching to pallet pooling.

  • Geographical expansion

    A single supplier for your load carriers, in all of your locations and one platform for all your clients. We work constantly to strengthen and expand our network of service centres and our collaborations with retailers, so that you can transport your goods throughout the entire world without any worries.

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  • Logistical partnerships

    We’re stronger together – and that applies to the logistics sector too. CHEP Benelux is constantly looking for new partnership opportunities in order to save costs, empty trips and CO2 emissions, and to ensure that transport takes place more easily and efficiently.

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  • Inbound solutions

    Safety and hygiene are fundamental criteria for your production business. Our inbound solutions – which include full-size plastic pallets and containers – meet strict food safety requirements for raw materials and packaging materials.

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  • In-store solutions

    CHEP looks beyond the supply chain. We offer solutions that have a direct impact on your sales – from in-store promotional and activation campaigns and POS displays to simplified stock replenishment. That way, you can get the best out of your products.

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