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How does CHEP work?

CHEP specialises in supply chain outsourcing, more specific in pallet pooling. It is our mission to make your supply chain leaner and greener. Our customers have outsourced their pallet management to us. 

We provide solutions for transporting ingredients and packaging material (inbound), half-finished goods (distribution) and finished products in store (in store). Our large assortment of pallets contains wooden, plastic as well as display pallets.

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How does CHEP work?

CHEP Pallet Pooling


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Share and reuse

Thanks to our share and reuse model we inspect, repair and re-issue our pallets. That way we guarantee the highest quality of our pallets and we save the environnement at the same time. Check our videos and find out how pallet pooling works and how our service centers maintain the quality of our assets.


The CHEP Europe network

CHEP europe network

With 220 service centres across 35 countries, no other pallet supplier can match our coverage. This allows us to keep the distances between two locations as short as possible and to minimise our CO2 emissions.

people helping for food bank

Case study

Surplus food? Send it to the food banks with CHEP

CHEP and the food bank networks Voedselbanken Nederland  and the Belgian Federation of Food Banks have set up a partnership in which CHEP facilitates the transportation of food to the Food Banks in order to combat food waste and hunger in the Netherlands and Belgium. And it’s easy for you to help out too by transporting your surplus…

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in-store campaign display

Case study

How pallet pooling responds to complex in-store campaigns

When setting up an in-store campaign, a lot of planning work is involved. Not only do you have to estimate how many display pallets and dolly's you’ll need to put at the stores. You also need to be able to quickly respond to changes during a campaign, or continue successes. At CHEP we understand the many challenges you…

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Case study

Transport trends put traditional exchange system under pressure

Manu Opsomer, the logistics manager for the transporter Remitrans, has been in the business for years. He has noticed certain major transport trends that are putting the traditional exchange system for white wood pallets under pressure. “Transport companies are also increasingly realising the benefits of renting pallets.”

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