Sustainability is part of our DNA

Everyone at CHEP is aware of the impact that they have on the environment. Our core business, renting out reusable logistical packaging, is intrinsically sustainable. We make sure our platforms are optimally used, shared and reused and that we limit the amount of kilometers to the bare minimum. 

On top of that we strongly promote sustainability through our global sustainability policy ‘Better planet, better business, better communities’. We are working in the Benelux to achieve a livable and sustainable environment and community by means of a range of local projects. 

Better Planet

Together with our parent company Brambles, we strive to create a circular economy that guarantees sustainability and quality of life for both people and the environment. We are working to meet our 2020 sustainability goals through a range of initiatives and projects.

As part of our Zero Waste goal, all the raw materials and equipment we use to make CHEP pallets are recycled. We manufacture our pallets ourselves wherever possible, and the wood waste is sold on to wood processing companies. Use our ‘Power of Pooling’ calculator to find out how you too can help the environment by transferring to CHEP pooling.

What’s more, 99 percent of the wood used in our pallets comes from certified sources. In 2017, we saved over 2.5 million tonnes of CO2, 1.4 million tonnes of waste and 1.6 million trees worldwide. Thanks to this, Brambles even managed to take the top spot on the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which recognises the most sustainable listed companies in the world. 

service centre repairing pallets
Our pallets are manufactured in one of our service centres using certified wood.

Better Business

Better Business

CHEP Netherlands and Belgium have always been leaders and ambassadors for the Lean and Green programme, and have now been awarded 2 Lean and Green stars. In 2012, for example, CHEP Netherlands reduced its CO2 emissions by as much as 36.7%, for which it won its first Lean and Green star. 5 other countries are currently taking part in the programme alongside CHEP Benelux.

We have not only been able to substantially reduce our own CO2 emissions in Benelux, but also those of our customers. Thanks to initiatives such as transport partnerships, a reduction in the number of empty journeys, and other efforts to make both our own operations and those of our customers as efficient and sustainable as possible, we won the ECR-award in 2015.  

In addition, CHEP is working to achieve a safe and healthy working environment via the Zero Harm charter, which is signed by all our employees. This applies strict safety regulations and quality control procedures, resulting in safer products, which in turn promote safety among our customers. 



Lean and green logo
CHEP Benelux is an active ambassador for the Lean and Green programme.

Better Communities

CHEP Benelux actively encourages its employees to spend a few days each year volunteering for local or national initiatives. A variety of projects in the Benelux – ranging from after-school tutoring and helping out in retirement homes to distributing food or collecting clothes – have already benefited from the voluntary engagement shown by CHEP employees.

Over the past few years, CHEP Benelux has also established a continuing partnership with the Dutch food bank network Nederlandse Voedselbanken and the Belgian Federation of Food Banks. CHEP’s aim here is to combat food waste, hunger and poverty. That’s why we are appealing to our partners – as well as other retailers and food producers – to send their surplus food to the Food Banks. The CHEP pallets they use for transport will be refunded.
If you would also like to send food to the Food Banks then find out more here or get in touch on +32 15 799 714.


Food bank initiative
CHEP employees volunteer for a good cause.

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Sustainability in the Benelux | CHEP