You want to buy pallets online? We have a better idea!

Switch to CHEP pallet pooling and save costs, time and nerves. With our "Share and Reuse" model,  you always get the right pallets at the time and place that you want. Moreover, we take the full pallet management out of your hands: from administration and pallet repair, to transportation.

Since you rent the pallets you need, buying new pallets becomes superfluous!
Together we can save costs, decrease the demand to natural resources, minimize waste and create more sustainable and efficient supply chains.

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Renting pallets in 4 easy steps

  1. Request a non-obligation offer
    Via our contact page you can request a non-obligation offer.
  2. Become CHEP client
    If you agree with our offer, you will receive a contract from us, which you sign and return to us.
  3. Place an order
    You will receive access data to our online portal MyCHEP from us. Here you can submit your order in just a few clicks.
  4. Receive the equipment
    As soon as you receive our pallets, you can deliver your goods perfectly secured. With a short message in MyCHEP you tell us where you’ve sent them to, so we can pick the pallets back up. You only pay for the period until the loaded pallets leave your production site.
Request an offer right away.
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Renting pallets in 4 easy steps

Our short FAQ

Quick answers to the most important questions you might have.

  • How come renting pallets is more cost-efficient than buying pallets?

    We know that pallets and pallet management are a big cost within your supply chain. By renting pallets you only pay for what you really use. Hidden costs associated with managing white wood pallets, such as transport, administration, purchase, repair or replacement are eliminated, and thus in many cases pallet pooling turns out to be cheaper than buying.

    Do you want to uncover hidden costs in your organization?  

  • How come CHEP pallets are better for the environment?

    When you buy new pallets, natural resources are used for production, a valuable natural resource. Disused white wood pallets mostly end up in the bin. As pioneer in the circular economie, CHEP confines the consumption of wood, thanks to its “Share and Reuse” model. The wood used for repairs comes from sustainably certified production sites.

    The more customers that share and reuse pallets, the more sustainable and afficient the supply chain will become. Our global presence has enabled us to build a strong global network. Clients no longer need to arrange return transportations and it allows us to set up transport collaborations with and between customers. This results in lowel CO2 emission and cost savings.

    Do you want to make your transportation more sustainable and cost-efficient too?

  • What kind of pallets can I rent at CHEP?

    CHEP is known for its blue, wooden pallets. But offers - as the only player on the market – a whole range of load carriers, for every phase in the supply chain. Whether you transport ingredients on plastic pallets, finished products on wooden pallets or your promotion displays on our display pallets or dollies, CHEP will take care of their collection, administration and maintenance.

    Discover all our load carriers

Our solutions & pallets

We operate the biggest equipment pool of its kind, with 120 million pooled pallets and containers in circulation across Europe (seven times more than our nearest competitor). Our European network comprises 240 service centres in 35 countries and 315,000 delivery points at retailers, manufacturers, e-commerce players, food service and logistics partners. No matter how demand for your product changes, we can make sure you get the platforms you need in the right quantities, in the right places at the right times. Some of the biggest companies in the world already rely on our services and solutions. Are you joining?

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