From transporting ingredients & finished products to displaying them in store

In the journey from raw ingredients to consumer goods, your products travel quite a distance. A smooth and efficient supply chain can make all the difference. CHEP continuously looks for innovative solutions that make your supply chain run more efficiently, sustainably and smoothly.

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CHEP offers solutions for production environment.
CHEP offers solutions for production environment.

You probably know the blue wooden pallets from CHEP for the distribution of finished products. But did you know that CHEP offers a lot more? A solution for every phase in your supply chain, from the delivery of raw materials to your production environment, all the way to transport, distribution and through to the final in-store sales point.

The share and reuse model of CHEP makes it possible to (re)use pallets to the fullest and to make your supply chain more efficient and sustainable. Our employees are all supply chain experts and are keen on giving you advice about possible optimizations in every phase of your supply chain.

Your benefits

  1. Service from A to Z

    Service from a to z

    • CHEP analyses your international and intercontinental lanes and check on the basis of a Value Chain Analysis what improvements you could make.
    • With our handy online tool, myCHEP, you manage an overview of your orders, deliveries and administration. And thanks to our fixed rates, you know in advance what you’ll be paying.
    • Your single point of contact knows your business through and through, always keeping an eye out for opportunities. Together with our customer service team, we are ready to answer your questions.

    Read more about our Value Chain Analyse
  2. Your products in top condition

    Your products in top condition

    • Our high-value plastic pallets are perfectly suited to transporting ingredients and packaging materials to your production environment and beyond.
    • Through their exact measurements and high quality, CHEP pallets minimise downtime in your automated production lines or warehouse.

    All of our pallets
  3. Highly visible in store

    Highly visible in the store

    • CHEP offers both static and rolling display pallets, with the same top-deck. This makes the construction of displays easier and cheaper.
    • Our half pallet is ideal for replenishment of fast moving consumer goods. You increase the number of product facings and decrease out of stocks.
    • Through promotracking you can easily measure the result of your promotional campaigns.

    Our in store solutions
  4. Go for lean and green

    Go for lean and green

    • All our solutions are intended to increase the efficiency of your supply chain and contribute to your sustainability goals at the same time.
    • The circular business model used by CHEP is based on sharing and re-using platforms and pallets, so that fewer raw materials are used and waste is minimised.
    • ‘Empty’ kilometres are expensive and taxing on the environment. This is why CHEP facilitates collaborations for shared transport.

    Go to our CSR-page

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Whether you would like to have your entire supply chain analysed or are just looking for an answer to a specific question, contact us today. We’ll look at all the possibilities together with you.
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From transporting ingredients & finished products to displaying them in store | CHEP