The CHEP dolly enters the retail market

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The holiday period, Valentine's Day, Easter, ... for many brands it is thé moment to position themselves on the shop floor. Especially during these busy periods, displays and products need to be quickly replenished and restocked. But that is often easier said than done.

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Spaas relies on the new dolly

Spaas uses CHEP dolly
Spaas candles on CHEP dolly

POS material for visual attractiveness

For candle manufacturer Spaas the end of the year is the most important period: "To make our products visually attractive, the use of POS material remains of great importance. Especially during the holiday season, it is crucial for us to be present and visible in the various points of sale," says Pieter Van Aelst, Supply Chain Manager at Spaas.

Meeting demands in high season

However, the availability of dollies during peak periods is not always guaranteed. Even during the last holiday period, suppliers wanted to be sure that they had enough dollies available, in time, for their in-store campaigns. "In order to meet the high demand during this period, we contacted CHEP to use their dollies," says Pieter Van Aelst. That's why Spaas and other producers have been sending their promotional displays to various Belgian supermarkets since November on CHEP's dolly with the blue wheels.

Same kind of platform, one pallet pooler, more flexible campaigns

The CHEP dolly is now officially launched on the Belgian retail market and Pieter Van Aelst van Spaas sees only advantages: "Now we can use the same kind of platform for all our customers, so we are able to organize future POS campaigns more flexibly".

In order to meet the high demand during the holiday period, we contacted CHEP to use their dollies. Now we can use the same kind of platform for all our customers, so we are able to organize future POS campaigns more flexibly.

Pieter Van Aelst Supply Chain Manager, Spaas

What about the Netherlands?

pile of dollies
Dollies waiting to be used.

Not only in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands, the CHEP dolly has made its official entry. "The Netherlands has always been a forerunner in rolling displays because of their flexibility," says Patrick Van Daele, Retail Solutions & Collaboration Manager at CHEP Benelux. "We have therefore developed our dolly in collaboration with manufacturers, copackers, retailers and display designers. This is in order to meet the needs of each party in the supply chain and to ensure that our customers' in-store campaigns run smoothly".

Guaranteed availability

Just like our other pallets, the dolly falls under the "share & reuse" model. Thanks to our network of users and service centres, we can guarantee availability. Even during peak periods. Which makes companies and retailers a part of the circular economy. Because the more companies use and reuse our pallets, the more efficient and sustainable we can make supply chains. 

A dolly for flexible and efficient promotional displays

The flat top deck of the dolly and our display pallet are the same and equipped with the patented Blue Click® system in addition to all other mounting options. In this way, the same displays can easily be mounted and set up. We added a brake for more stability in store and during transport and silent, PIEK-certified wheels, which make the dolly suitable for night deliveries.

Check out what makes our dolly unique.
spaas display on chep dolly
Flexible and efficient promotional displays

In other words, our dolly is ready for the Belgian and Dutch retail market.

Get in touch for more information or order your dollies and display pallets for your next promotional in-store campaign.

Are you ready for our dolly?

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