Just as strong in plastic as we are in wood

You undoubtedly know CHEP's iconic blue, wooden pallets for the distribution of your finished products. But the CHEP range is more extensive than just pallets and platforms. CHEP is happy to work with you to improve your supply chain. We have the right advice and the right pallet at the right moment, for everything from your inbound streams, to distribution and the in-store presentation of your products.

The CHEP ‘share and reuse’ model makes it possible to optimally (re)use pallets and in doing so, make your supply chain more efficient. Each and every one of our employees is an expert who is happy to advise you on the possible optimisations for the different phases of your chain.

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Full-size plastic pallets

Full-size plastic pallets are mostly used in environments where food products are handled. Hygiene is of paramount importance; CHEP’s full-size plastic pallets are made from food-safe materials. They are cleaned after use, thoroughly checked for quality and defects and are repaired if required. This makes it easy for you to meet hygiene demands and minimise the risk of contamination or damage. 

Another important benefit? When your ingredients arrive on plastic pallets, you no longer have to transfer your ingredients to different pallets before moving them to your production environment. With their standard format, all CHEP pallets pass smoothly through your automated production line or warehouse. 

Discover our plastic Euro pallet.
Discover our plastic UK pallet.

fullsize plastic palelts
Plastic pallets

Wooden pallets

Wooden pallets are probably the most well-known application. They are employable in a vast array of circumstances, most frequently used for inbound and distribution streams. The recognisable blue CHEP pallets have standard measurements, such as the Europallet and the UK pallet, and meet high-quality demands. 

Discover our wooden Euro pallet.
Discover our wooden UK-pallet.

wooden pallets
Wooden pallets

Display pallets

Set up your displays in the store straight away on our display pallet or dolly. What kind of pallet you use, will most of the time be determined by the retailer. CHEP can provide the most common types. With CHEP’s handy Blue Click® system, you quickly build displays, and because of the same top deck the same display fits the static display pallet and the dolly. Thanks to the wheels on the dolly, you can move your displays to the place where there are the most shoppers at a particular moment.

Discover our display pallet and dolly.
Discover our half pallet.

Display pallets

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Just as strong in plastic as we are in wood | CHEP