Helping you to move more with less

We help you move more produce to where it needs to be, when it needs to be there, with less waste, less handling, less contaminations, less transport, less space and less impact on the environment. 

At CHEP, we have the widest range of containers, liners, accessories and solutions, designed to protect your product from damage and contamination.  Providing safe and hygienic transport and storage for your bulk liquid and dry products, that meet all industry standards and environmental legislation. 

Intermediate Bulk Container Solutions

Platform Mix

Our Platform Mix Optimisation can identify which mix will maximise your efficiency and performance, ensuring you have the right platform for the right flow

  • Widest range of platforms

    We help you decide what’s best for each flow – without bias

  • Dedicated Customer Solutions team

    Our experts can analyse your supply chain using intensive on-site visits and CHEP-developed tools

  • Long-term partnership

    A partnership for the future. We can help you improve continuously – in line with best practices

Find CHEP platforms

Find CHEP platforms

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