Plastic UK Pallet 1200x1200mm

Reusable, heavy-duty plastic pallet with an anti-slip surface for the loading, displaying and distributing of raw materials and finished goods. It is pooled and serviced through CHEP’s network of service centres, improving hygiene and efficiency across the supply chain and promoting a more sustainable use of natural resources.

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CHEP UK Pallet Plastic 1200x1200mm

CHEP UK Pallet Plastic 1200x1200mm

The CHEP 1200x1200mm plastic UK pallets are ideal for highly regulated, hygiene-sensitive industries such as the food industry and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Water-resistant for easier cleaning and washing. Higher hygiene standards thanks to a non-porous surface that resists acids, fats and odours. Smooth surfaces and the absence of dead pockets mean no moisture, dust or liquid build-up. The risk of crosscontamination is reduced, making this the ideal pallet for hygienic areas and clean rooms.

Only available with Top Deck Lips

Features and Benefits

By renting plastic pallets from CHEP, you avoid the high capital cost of ownership, and only pay for what you need while you’re using it. And by working with us to plan for peaks and troughs in demand, you can be confident there will always be enough high-quality equipment available to meet your needs.

  • The highest hygiene standard

    Made of strong, virgin polypropylene (PP). Product is made from contamination-free materials (DIN 10503 and EHEDG) and/or components comply with ISO 8611-1991, JISz 0606 and ASTM D1185-94 standards.

  • Ideal for inbound logistics

    Surface and top deck-lips designed to prevent slippage, even when wet, for the safe transportation of raw materials to the manufacturer and finished goods along the supply chain. Maximises top deck space to allow full use of the pallet, reducing transport costs.

  • Environmentally friendly

    CHEP’s pooling network reduces packaging waste and the overall impact on the environment.

  • Robust integral construction

    Fully compatible with crates and trays, providing a total plastic system. Can be used with all standard handling equipment. Four-way entry for easy access from multiple sides.

  • Consistent quality

    Dimensional accuracy makes it suitable for automated production, packaging and warehousing processes, minimising product damage and reducing downtime. Every pallet is carefully inspected and serviced to deliver improved conditions for health and safety.

CHEP UK Pallet Plastic 1200x1200mm

Specifications UK Pallet Plastic 1200x1200mm

Warning: Please DO NOT rack across pallet width unless the three pallet skids are adequately supported. Avoid direct contact with the following substances: benzene and chlorine-based compounds, oleum, nitric acid, bromic acid and methyl bromide.

Preliminary testing is recommended on each automated or gravity pallet handling system due to the bespoke nature of each technical set up. CHEP does not recommend the use of this pallet in direct contact with unpacked foodstuffs.

Important: CHEP pallets and containers always remain the property of CHEP and can never be legally bought or sold. CHEP reserves the right to change any of the above information without prior notice. 

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