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The right platform for your displays determines the success of in-store campaigns

Every retailer or marketer in the retail sector dreams of successful in-store promotion or activation campaigns. Logical, because did you know that 70% of the purchase decisions are made in store (source: POPAI)? Manufacturers can choose from a wide array of promotional material: floor stickers, wobblers, posters, banners, displays ... And to set up these displays a lot easier, the display pallet and dolly from CHEP offer something that others don’t have: one standard top deck.

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Voordat promotiemateriaal in de winkel verschijnt, beslist de retailer zelf welk materiaal hij toelaat. De gebruiksvriendelijkheid speelt daarbij een cruciale rol. Dat is voor in-store displays niet anders. De ene retailer wil graag gewone displays, de andere wil liever displays op wieltjes. Daar begint u te puzzelen: het oppervlak van een displaydolly verschilt bij de meeste aanbieders van dat van een gewone displaypallet. Daardoor moet u vaak twee verschillende kartonnen displays laten produceren.

Complex in-store campaigns for producer and copacker
This lack of uniformity not only increases the complexity for the manufacturer, who has to keep up with two different stocks of displays and pallets, but also with the copacker that assembles the displays. The more variation of displays, the more complex and slower the handling and the more complicated the planning and distribution. The consequences for your budget? Higher production, storage and handling costs, combined with much more hassle in your own planning.

Setting up a successful in-store campaign is more complicated than it might seem at first sight. As a supplier you have to take into account the needs of the shopper, the wishes of the retailer, the handling at the copacker, the product development and the difficulty of your planning.

Let's make it easier, more convenient and faster

CHEP's display dolly and pallet help you to easily set up activation and promotion campaigns. Because they have:

  • An identical top deck.

We developed one standard top deck for both our quarter pallet and dolly. That makes attaching displays much easier. We are the only supplier who can provide you with two pallets, suitable for the same display.

  • All options for mounting of displays.

Our display pallets and dolly's have a flat surface, so that every display can be mounted in the way you want it. They are also equipped with the handy Blue Click® system, allowing the copacker to attach the a lot faster. Thanks to the Blue Click® system, a cardboard display is clicked on both types of pallets in the same way, without gluing or stapling it.

blue click
Thanks to the Blue Click® system, a cardboard display is clicked on our display pallet and dolly in the same way,

And what does this solution mean for you?

  • You only have to design and produce one cardboard display. And you can also attach your displays without an extra bottom plate, staples nor glue.
  • You only need to give one briefing to the copier: there is only one cardboard display that fits two types of pallets, and therefore there is only one type of handling.
  • You only have one stock of displays and do not have to make an estimate in advance of how many retailers want a rolling or static display.

You save on storage space, costs and you produce less waste, which also benefits the environment.  

display in-store
With our in store solutions you only have to design and produce one cardboard display.

And since we also offer our display pallets and dolly's through our 'share and reuse' pooling system, your in-store supply chain becomes more sustainable and more efficient. As a result, we can better anticipate your needs, even in busier periods. And you can respond more quickly to the additional demand from retailers and immediately adjust your campaigns where necessary.

Curious how our in-store solutions can help you make your campaigns more efficient and generate more sales?

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