Surviving e-commerce needs an efficient supply chain

E-commerce is the fastest growing segment of the retail market in Europe and it’s not expected to slow down anytime soon.
We understand that operating in this market can be complicated. Consumers are ordering in small quantities, more often and they want it quickly. Any delays or damage at any stage in the process can cause problems that will impact the customer. There are different international rules that apply, margins are small, and logistics can be complex.

What you need is an efficient, simple supply chain. 

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Move more, with less

Whether you're a manufacturer or an online retailer.
We help your e-commerce business deliver.
Discover your advantages below when moving to CHEP. 

Why choose CHEP for e-commerce?

When selling your products online, the benefits of CHEP pallet pooling quickly add up.

  • Compatibility

    The biggest online retailers all accept CHEP pallets, so no need to change pallets during your products journey, saving you time, money and hassle. We keep your products flowing efficiently to your customers.

  • Availability

    We know that there can be seasonal spikes with online sales. Our global network, scale and experience ensures we can quickly respond and deliver when needed.

  • Quality

    Thanks to our strict quality control in our service centres, the quality of our pooling pallets remains high, so the risk of product damage and product returns is reduced. Moreover, our pallets are perfectly suitable for your automated warehouses and processes. 

  • Sustainability

    In the digital age, maintaining your company’s green credentials is a must – your customers expect it and you need your suppliers to help you deliver a more sustainable service. Pallet pooling with CHEP means less truck journeys, so less empty kms and less CO2.

Global acceptance & more

We are already working with e-commerce customers across Europe and beyond – helping to deliver everything from toys to clothes to electronics. We have on-the-ground knowledge of local transport, vendors and regulations to help you deliver now and expand into new markets in the future. Using CHEP pooling for your e-commerce activities will help you to reduce hidden costs, reduce delays and supply risks and increase transparency, accountability and sustainability.

Read more on why pooling is a good idea for e-commerce.
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We are already helping e-commerce customers across Europe to deliver everything from toys to clothes to electronics.

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