Surplus food? Send it to the food banks with CHEP

Why it’s better to use CHEP pallets to send surplus food to the Food Banks

CHEP and the food bank networks Voedselbanken Nederland  and the Belgian Federation of Food Banks have set up a partnership in which CHEP facilitates the transportation of food to the Food Banks in order to combat food waste and hunger in the Netherlands and Belgium. And it’s easy for you to help out too by transporting your surplus food to the Food Banks using CHEP pooling pallets.  

Organise your food transport to Food Banks

Here are four reasons why

  1. Actively avoid food waste
    According to the European Parliament, every person throws about 345 kg of food away in Belgium, in The Netherlands even 540 kg. Around half of that waste is due to the actions of consumers, as well as industry, supermarkets and the catering and hospitality sector. Huge quantities of food are simply destroyed, and you can help reduce that figure by donating surplus food to food banks.
  2. Contribute to the fight against poverty
    Less than 5% of all surplus food reaches the Food Banks, which is a very small amount – especially when we consider that the Food Banks provided food to 135,000 people in 2016, while more than 1.2 million people live in poverty in the Netherlands. By donating surplus food to the Food Banks, you can therefore contribute to a healthy society and help in the fight against hunger.
  3. Reduce your COemissions
    Food waste is the third biggest source of pollution in the world. Not only is food production a major source of pollution, but the destruction of (edible) food surpluses also massively increases CO2 emissions. Reduce your CO2 emissions by donating surplus food to the Food Banks using CHEP pooling pallets, which will also make your supply chain a great deal more sustainable.
  4. Save costs
    The costs you incur by transporting fully loaden CHEP pallets to the Food Banks will be fully refunded by CHEP by means of a biannual credit.

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Surplus food? Send it to the food banks with CHEP | CHEP