We’re all aware of the need for a more sustainable world. And companies like yours are increasingly being judged on how you respond to these growing pressures. Meeting New Green Deal targets, minimising the impact of your business on the environment, whilst also meeting consumer demands of ‘faster, easier and cheaper’. The world wants more with less.

However, being more sustainable is still seen by many as a ‘cost’. We aim to turn this negative perception on its head – because sustainability is just good business. For over 70 years CHEP has been operating the largest business to business share and reuse system in the world, with half a billion pieces of equipment in circulation around the world - in the circular economy.

Our business model is inherently sustainable, simpler and less wasteful. Working together with CHEP we can show you how to improve the environmental as well as the economic efficiency of your supply chain – creating a positive effect on your business success as well as on the planet. 

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Our 2020 Goal Achievements

Our 2020 Goal Achievements

In 2015, we set ourselves a number of goals to achieve by 2020, to help us reach our aspiration of achieving a better business, a better planet and better communities. We are pleased to announce that we have achieved most of these goals!

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Benefits of CHEP's business model

Benefits of CHEP's business model

CHEP’s share and reuse process is inherently sustainable, increasing the environmental as well as the economic efficiency of your supply chain.

The more businesses that use our pooled pallets and containers, and our sustainability solutions, the greater the benefits for you and everyone involved – as well as for our planet.  

To quickly calculate the positive environmental benefits you could gain by working with CHEP, click on our Power of Pooling Calculator powered by Life Cycle Analysis ISO certified data.

Zero Waste World

We have launched a new global customer program to do even more....it's called Zero Waste World.

Does your business want to help design a waste free supply chain?

Just finding individual efficiencies is not enough for the challenges that we all face. We need a collaborative approach to generating zero waste – working together to bring about change  

In 2019 CHEP launched "Zero Waste World" a new working collaboration for pioneering companies committed to creating smarter, more sustainable supply chains.

See here to learn more and find out how you can get involved.

Reaching a Zero Waste World through...


  • Eliminating physical waste

    Leading consumer goods companies and retailers see physical waste as a significant risk.

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  • Eradicating empty transport miles

    Leading Fast Moving Consumer Good companies are challenged by cost inflation, environmental impacts, and driver shortages in their logistics and transportation systems.

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  • Cutting out inefficiency

    Inefficiencies in the supply chain cost leading Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies time, money, and resources. They see an opportunity to use new technologies and data to cut out those inefficiencies.

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Case Studies

CHEP is named as the most sustainable company on earth

Sustainability is at the core of CHEP’s business model, with over 300 million pieces of equipment being constantly reused. Our founding ethos is reducing waste in all its forms, wherever we find it. In fact, we move more goods, more quickly, to more people in more places for less cost, with less waste, and less CO2 than any other company on earth. Learn more.

This makes us the ideal partner to help you meet your environmental – as well as your business – goals. 

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We achieved high level accreditation from several organisations including the Carbon Disclosure Program, Ecovadis, Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, MSCI ESG leader index, FTSE4GOOD Sustainalytics plus several more.

  • Down Jones Sustainability Index

  • CDP Forest B List

  •  "Gold Award" EcoVadis

  • Top 10% achieving the MAXIMUM AAA RATING

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