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CHEP offers the broadest range of platforms, from fullsize wooden and plastic pallets to plastic quarter pallet and display platforms, all standardised to fit into your supply chain. Thanks to our 'share and reuse' model, you can outsource pallet management entirely to us. 

We have 120 million pallets in circulation across Europe, seven times more than our nearest competitor. All of our pooled pallets are managed, checked and repaired in our 220 service centres in 35 countries. No matter how demand for your fresh products changes, we can make sure you get the platforms you need in the right quantities, in the right places at the right times.

How does CHEP work?

Our platform solutions

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Why CHEP pooling?

How do we compare to the white wood equivalent? See how the advantages of pooling stack up.

  • Higher quality

    A rigorous inspection and repair process keeps quality consistent. Independent research shows our pallets last up to 10 times longer than the white-wood equivalent.

  • More sustainable

    By sharing and reusing equipment, we reduce emissions and waste and save natural resources. All our timber is certified sustainable and nothing ends up in landfill.

  • Lower costs

    Rent pallets from CHEP and we’ll take care of the admin, maintenance, quality assurance and recycling – so you can avoid the hidden costs of white exchange.

  • Best availability

    With 220 service centres in 35 countries, and 120m pallets in circulation, only CHEP can ensure you always have the equipment you need, wherever you need it.

How the CHEP pooling system works


Find CHEP platforms

Find CHEP platforms

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