How pallet pooling responds to complex in-store campaigns

Go for flexible campaigns that create revenue.

When setting up an in-store campaign, a lot of planning work is involved. Not only do you have to estimate how many display pallets and dolly's you’ll need to put at the stores. You also need to be able to quickly respond to changes during a campaign, or continue successes. At CHEP we understand the many challenges you are facing. We organizes our pooling system of display pallets and dolly's is completely in a manner, so you are able to cope with the unpredictability of your campaigns.

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Be more flexible in ordering extra display pallets and dollies during busy periods.

Display pallets and dolly's are frequently used for in-store promotion and activation campaigns. But the success of an in-store campaign is difficult to predict in advance, which makes the planning complex.

When a campaign proves to be successful, it is critical to be able to order additional pallets. Especially in busy periods, such as the end of the year, it appears to be difficult for many pallet suppliers to provide additional display pallets ad hoc. On the other hand, when a campaign is not getting off the ground, it should not be a reason for putting extra pressure on the budget.

For smooth and budget-friendly campaigns

At CHEP we understand the complexity of an in-store campaign. We have organized ourselves in such a way that we can respond as effectively as possible to your needs. Our 'share and reuse' pooling system of display pallets and dolly's offers a series of benefits to make everything run smoother.

You do not depend on a fixed volume. You do not need to rent a fixed volume of pallets, but you only pay for what you have used in your promotional campaign. What you don’t use will be credited.

Flexibility is one of the fundaments of our system. Via the myCHEP app you can order the number of display pallets and dolly's that you think you will be needing for your campaign and we deliver them within 2.5 days. Need more? No problem, you can always order more. Have you got too much pallets? No problem, we will come and pick them up to re-use them for other customers.

One supplier for all your pallet needs. CHEP is the only one that can provide you with all types of pallets, for every phase of the supply chain: from full size plastic and wooden pallets to display pallets and dolly's. Every pallet you need for your in-store campaign, you now find at one supplier.

Responding to seasonal peaks becomes a piece of cake. Thanks to our pooling system - sharing and reusing pallets – our pallets are continuously circulating. Therefore  we are able to help out with unexpectedly higher demand.

Optimized loading, mixed delivery and collection. CHEP optimizes the loading of its trucks and can even deliver and collect small quantities of display pallets. This means that you do not have to keep unnecessary stocks of unused display pallets that take up valuable space.

You only need one type of display. In addition, our quarter pallets have the same flat top deck, that is suitable for evey type of mounting displays. Copackers don't have to use a bottom plate, meaning you consumer less cardboard, but also you can save at least € 0.50 per display!

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Go for flexible and budget-friendly campaigns with our in-store solutions.

Carbon neutral display pallets

At CHEP we believe it is our mission to make supply chains leaner and greener, more efficient and more sustainable. Our circular business model is inherently sustainable already. But did you know that our display pallets are carbon neutral?

If you use quarter pallets from CHEP for your in-store campaigns, all CO2 emissions that are generated when manufacturing, transporting and using the display pallets, are compensated by investments in sustainability projects. We do that in cooperation with our partner Natural Capital Partners. This way you can achieve your sustainability objectives and you help making our planet a better place to live.

Read more about our sustainability goals
carbon neutral quarter pallets
Our display pallets are carbon neutral, that way you help keeping the environment clean.

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How pallet pooling responds to complex in-store campaigns | CHEP