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  • How Mondelēz International delivers more displays on time

    Promotional in-store displays are one of the best ways to put products in the spotlight and boost sales. Chances are, during your weekly supermarket visit, a packet of Oreo or LU biscuits, a Côte D’OR chocolate bar or a tub of Philadelphia from a pro...
  • Full acceptance by German retailers paves way for sustainable export

    Exporting to Germany from the Benelux region is by no means a new concept. Germany is the largest export market for the Benelux countries. And now that CHEP pallets are fully accepted by German retailers, the transportation of goods can be even more ...
  • Are you loading your shipping containers the best way?

    Belgium and the Netherlands are real export champions. Every day, thousands of containers leave the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, among others, to the United States and Canada. You load these containers using your own method, but are you sure th...
  • Internet of Things as game changer for in-store campaigns

    Internet of Things (IoT) connects everyday objects to the Internet. This technology is also making its appearance in the retail industry. One of the reasons is that today's shoppers are more critical than ever. According to a Nielsen study, 38% of co...
  • Plastic pallets as the safest choice for inbound supply chain

    The food industry is one of the most strictly regulated sectors in the country. Rightly so, because only in this way safety of our food chain can be guaranteed. Therefore, it is best to use plastic instead of wooden pallets for the transport of your ...
  • 20% fewer production stoppages for Farm Dairy

    In December 2017, Farm Dairy examined its logistical processes and optimised its pallet flows. Instead of using exchange pallets and two different kinds of pool pallets, the dairy firm opted to use CHEP’s pooling system exclusively. This switchover m...
  • How pallet standardisation makes a difference for your inbound flows

    Although few companies pay attention to their inbound supply chain, the impact of an inefficient inbound process should certainly not be underestimated. All the investments made to deliver goods to the customer as quickly as possible can be jeopardis...
  • How pallet pooling responds to complex in-store campaigns

    When setting up an in-store campaign, a lot of planning work is involved. Not only do you have to estimate how many display pallets and dolly's you’ll need to put at the stores. You also need to be able to quickly respond to changes during a campaign...
  • An innovative dolly that makes deposits history

    Rolling in-store displays in Dutch supermarkets are the norm. In Belgium they get more and more popular as well, since they are convenient and agile in narrow aisles and retailers can more easily set up their store. Unfortunately, many dolly's are no...
  • Why the price of white wood pallets has increased so rapidly

    If you look at the graph of wood prices in 6 countries according to FEFPEB, the European Federation of Wood Pallet and Packaging Producers, you will see a sudden increase as of February 2021. In Europe and by extension throughout the world, all secto...
  • 3 reasons why pooling is becoming more interesting than white wood

    The exchange system for white wood pallets is under increasing pressure and prices are skyrocketing. The increasing demand and concurrent diminishing supply of these pallets, as well as the rise in freight costs, are among the culprits. This makes pa...
  • #1 in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2017

    It is thanks to all of our clients, that have chosen to share our network, our knowhow, our pallets and our solutions that we are able to mmake our and their business more efficient and to lower the need for natural resources in our processes. Toget...
  • Case Study: Endurance Technologies

    Endurance Technologies Ltd. is one of India's leading automotive component manufacturing companies. When faced with the challenge of developing and implementing a safe, cost effective and sustainable packaging system for the transport of clutches to ...
  • Transport collaborations results in savings

    Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. (CCE) is the largest producer and distributor of non-alcoholic drinks in western Europe. As part of this organisation, Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium distributes 1.2 million pallets of drinks to 11,000 delivery points every...
  • Why send food to the food banks on blue pallets?

    ... we will pay them back.  Because we want you and our other customers to join us in the fight against food waste and hunger. Because we believe that the food banks should not worry too much about logistical processes such as pallet exchange.  Tha...

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