Case Study: Green Factory

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Reassuring reliability: helping time-sensitive deliveries stick to the schedule

The Green Factory, based in Poland, grows and sells fresh vegetables and pre-packaged salads to the main retail chains in Poland and elsewhere in the EU. Sister company Green Factory Logistics specialises in refrigerated transport, both for Green Factory products and other clients.

The Challenge

Because its clients demand ‘just in time’ deliveries, Green Factory Logistics depends upon finding experienced partners to help coordinate the different processes making this possible. It turned to CHEP to simplify its supply chain.

The Answer

CHEP managed pooling has enabled Green Factory to outsource several time-consuming processes, allowing it to reduce costs and optimise operations. CHEP’s scale is vital to its provision of a reliable, time-sensitive service.

Not without significance is CHEP’s position as a world corporation, which ensures stability

Piotr Pietrzykowski CEO, Green Factory Logistics

The demands of ‘just in time’ deliveries

For Green Factory Logistics, ‘just in time’ deliveries means maintaining a constant temperature of 2–6°C for refrigerated transport and monitoring each shipment using GPS.

“Our logistics department has developed industry-leading standards, which have become an integral part of the supply chain to customers. Customers place an order in the afternoon, and our products are ready in their warehouses the next morning,” says Artur Rytel, CEO of Green Factory Holding.

Partnering with CHEP to simplify logistics

Before working with CHEP, Green Factory Logistics used white-wood pallets exclusively. It was therefore responsible for all aspects of pallet management, such as quality assurance, recovery and storage. This proved to be time-consuming and expensive, and affected its ability to ship products reliably.

Outsourcing these jobs to CHEP has brought many benefits. It has simplified logistics, saved money and improved customer relationships. Piotr Pietrzykowski, CEO of Green Factory Logistics, is confident that the company has made the right choice of partner. “Not without significance is the fact that CHEP is a big world corporation, which further ensures stability,” he says. “Another important factor in the cooperation between us is the location of CHEP’s warehouses.

CHEP pooled pallets: the greener solution

For the Green Factory, CHEP’s environmental policies are a key benefit. It is able to show a verifiable reduction in its own CO2 emissions thanks to our pallet lifecycle management.

CHEP is the only company in the world whose pallet timber is certified by two leading international bodies: the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC the (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). CHEP wooden Euro pallets last up to 10 times longer than the white-wood equivalent. And we ensure that nothing ends up in landfill.

Five benefits of the CHEP solution

  1. Lower, more transparent costs: no outlay on replacing lost and broken pallets, and no expensive management time spent locating missing ones
  2. Makes a ‘just in time’ system possible: with CHEP’s huge experience and ideally located Service Centres
  3. Improved reliability and safety: high-quality equipment minimises pallet failure, product damage and delay
  4. Greener solutions thanks to CHEP’s use of sustainably sourced timber and pallet lifecycle management
  5. Better customer relationships, now that white-wood pallet failures are a thing of the past

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Case Study: Green Factory | CHEP Switzerland