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CHEP’s business model is based on the concept of “Share and Reuse”. We call it Pooling. With the CHEP Pooling System we believe that sharing and reusing products makes them more sustainable; that’s why you can’t buy our pallets, crates and containers. With the CHEP Pooling System you get the equipment you need from us on a rental basis and we pick them up after use to make them available again for others.

Under this principle, it doesn’t matter whether you are a small local start-up or a company supplying the whole of Europe with your products. We control the entire administrative procedure, retrieval and quality assurance of the pallets in a closed-loop system.

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Our products - Have you got the right platform at hand?

At CHEP, we have a wide range of standard, reusable platforms across various industries We provide large and small reusable platforms to customers around the globe, each specially designed to optimize the supply chain and manage your products better. Streamlining your business and eliminating non-value adding activities, such as repacking and line-side waste removal. You will have ready-to-use platforms, when and where you need them as we clean, maintain, repair, deliver and collect our equipment, allowing you to focus on your business, not your packaging.

CHEP is simple

CHEP is simple
CHEP is simple
  1. You order the number of equipment you need via our online portal myCHEP
  2. We deliver them to you
  3. You load the pallets, crates or containers with your products and send them to your customers. You inform us that the goods have been shipped via the online portal myCHEP
  4. We take care of the return of CHEP products to our service centre, where they are inspected, cleaned and repaired if necessary
  5. You are only responsible for the products while they are in your hands

As our customer you don’t need to worry about anything: we’ll make sure you always have enough high-quality equipment available – wherever and whenever you need them

What is in for me as a CHEP customer?

A flexible and reliable partnership, with no risk.
Participation in our Pooling System is without obligation for you. As a CHEP customer you have no minimum order quantity, membership fees or notice periods. That gives you a high level of flexibility.

  • Net positive

    You only pay for the pallets that you actually use. This transparent pricing structure eliminates hidden costs and saves environmental waste.
    You pay fixed annual costs for a supply programme that is tailored to your company-specific requirements.
    Calculate your environmental savings through our Power of Pooling Online tool.

  • Network

    Pallets are shared and reused within a strong network of producers, retailers and other receiving locations, transporters and service centres.

  • Placing an order via myCHEP

    Our pallets are designed, tested and continuously improved at our CHEP Innovation Centre to ensure everything is produced to a high quality. When a CHEP pallet arrives at one of our service centres, it undergoes a rigorous process of inspection and, if necessary, repair, before being reused. 

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  • Sustainability

    By switching to pallet pooling, you not only make your supply chain more sustainable, you also take a step towards achieving your sustainability goals and reducing your impact on the environment. 

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What our customers say


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Tomáš Kubza, Director of Logistics at PENNY, agrees: “The turbulent period that the entire retail industry has gone through, both in the Czech Republic and around the world, has fundamentally changed our view of what is really important in our industry. Efficient logistics and a resilient supply chain are undoubtedly key to ensuring that customers always find the range that they expect in our stores - and pooling really helps. It saves time, simplifies operations, and streamlines transport. In addition, automatic pallet pick-ups eliminate any contact between our employees and the pallet supplier, thus ensuring safer and more hygienic conditions for all.”


Pavel Hampejs, Unilever Supply Chain Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia says"We had the opportunity to observe how the demand for our products grew sharply, especially in the hygiene and household care segment, and we are aware that similar fluctuations can occur practically from day to day and at any time. That is why we appreciate how quickly we were able to react thanks to the pallet pooling provided by CHEP, which meant we could ensure the introduction of in-demand products into stores with certainty about the consistent quality of the pallets on which the goods were presented to customers."

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Request an obligation-free quote

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