Case Study: Helping You Manage Costs

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See the invisible costs in your supply chain

If you use white-wood pallets then you’ll know that the purchase price can change frequently.

White-wood pallet suppliers are typically small companies, each with their own pricing structure based on the fluctuating input costs of wood and fuel. So, if you need a large quantity of white-wood pallets at short notice, it can be difficult to plan and budget.

And that’s before you consider other factors such as the extra cost that comes with pallet storage, retrieval, inspection, repair and replacement.

Prices compared

Prices compared

*Source: Bundesverband Holzpackmittel – Paletten – Exportverpackung (HPE) e.V.

Consistent pricing gives you better control

Pricing is based on a tariff that’s agreed annually. And you rent rather than purchase your pallets, so no obsolete equipment gets left on your balance sheet. You can even leave the job of pallet recovery to us, for a fully outsourced solution.

And we can show you how to achieve the best flow of your products and improve stock availability. Building on our asset management expertise, CHEP Equipment Management is a dedicated team of equipment control specialists, capturing your supply chain activity through the use of bespoke software.

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Case Study: Helping You Manage Costs | CHEP Colombia