Case Study: Endurance Technologies

Introducing logistical efficiencies and environmental savings to Automotive component manufacturer

Endurance Technologies Ltd. is one of India's leading automotive component manufacturing companies. When faced with the challenge of developing and implementing a safe, cost effective and sustainable packaging system for the transport of clutches to their OEM, Endurance turned to CHEP.

The container and pooling solution introduced by CHEP made Endurance’s outbound packaging and logistics much more efficient and environmentally sustainable than ever before. In fact, this partnership now delivers efficiencies across the Endurance product line.

Customer facts about Endurance

Endurance Technologies, Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of aluminium castings (including alloy wheels), suspension, transmission and braking products. The company operates 18 plants in India and 8 plants in Europe with over 5,000 employees.


The challenge

Every year, Endurance supplies approximately 180,000 clutches to one of its two-wheeler OEMs. The clutches are transported around 1200 kilometres in underutilised trucks and handled multiple times, which ultimately led to substantial product damage and losses.

Prior to working with CHEP, Endurance used thousands of wooden boxes and corrugated one-way packaging for the delivery of their clutches. Once the products arrived at the OEM, they then dispose of the packaging, spelling huge losses for Endurance and generating an alarming amount of waste.

The OEM also hoped to reduce wood and cardboard consumption inside their own plants. Endurance approached CHEP to assist them in reviewing their clutch supply chain to eliminate inefficiencies, while becoming more cost effective and environmentally sustainable.


The solution

CHEP and Endurance worked closely together to develop and implement a safe, cost effective and sustainable packaging system for the transport of clutches from the manufacturer to the OEM.

The project required systematic planning and execution of activities at Endurance and their OEMs over a period of more than a year. It began with a supply chain study in 2014, followed by solution development and real world trials – and culminated in implementation in 2015. Throughout this process, working closely with all relevant partners throughout

The core of the solution was transitioning Endurance from a one-way packaging system to CHEP’s reusable, foldable containers.

In addition to the containers, which form the outer packaging, CHEP also provided Endurance with inserts. These inserts are customised to the part being packed, and are designed to be foldable and reusable, just like the containers.

These containers are designed to integrate naturally into CHEP’s share and reuse model. They can be deployed to run through the entire production and transportation process smoothly, improving efficiencies, while providing tangible and intangible benefits throughout.

With this complete packaging solution, all major disposable elements of the previous packaging were eliminated.

The benefits

This solution provides Endurance with significant savings in terms of packaging material through the elimination of cardboard

and wooden pallets, preventing a significant amount of waste and transport inefficiencies.

Endurance went from generating 6 tonnes of waste daily in the form of corrugated boxes and wooden frames to generating no waste whatsoever.

The resultant improvements in pack density increases optimal truck utilisation, which in turn reduces the number of trucks Endurance requires per day, leading to significant savings in fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions.

The positive results of the first flows has already lead Endurance to horizontally deploy the CHEP solution for their supply of a few other components, such as suspension, forks and shock absorbers.

At current volumes, these benefits translate to huge daily savings in key sustainability matrices.

Daily Savings realised by Endurance
Daily Savings realised by Endurance

The successful partnership of CHEP and Endurance has resulted in a win-win situation for all - Endurance, CHEP and the OEM. On a larger scale, it will eventually lead to sustainable benefits across all levels of the Automobile industry.

We were able to realise significant gains in sustainability by partnering with CHEP to reduce our carbon footprint. CHEP’s reusable automotive packaging not only saves trees, but it also keeps packaging materials out of our landfills. CHEP’s business model of share, reuse, recycle and reducing waste serves our company very well.

Atul Deodikar Supply Chain Manager, Endurance Technologies Ltd.

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