Automotive - R-KLT 6429 (808)

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CHEP’s Modular Containers are not just a better way to transport automotive parts. They are part of a complete packaging solution that can reduce costs at every stage in the supply chain.

From management to warehousing, distribution and sequencing, to inventory management and in-plant logistics, CHEP’s returnable packaging solution offers improvements in automotive supply chain efficiency and performance.

All automotive containers are made of durable, recyclable plastic and are stackable. The totes are designed to be hand held and generally feature smooth interior walls to provide maximum strength, secure stacking and product protection.

CHEP Automotive containers offer maximum cube usage and come clean and ready for use to save storage and wash costs. CHEP containers are accepted by most automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Features and Benefits

Ensure a secure fit and stable carrying platform with the ability to interlock to create a standard unit load per container type

No need for re-packing and staging – modular design with several container sizes enables a variety of parts to be delivered directly to the line side

Reduce product damage with impact resistant material and reinforced external ribbing for maximum strength and secure stacking

Suitable for automated production and line side racking through consistent specifications

Reduce environmental impact and remove waste material from the supply chain with fully recyclable materials

Easily identify container contents with high visibility industry standard label holders

Enhance handling efficiencies with ergonomic hand grips for improved comfort and safety


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  • Dimensions - in millimeters Dimensions - in inch

    594 23.4
    396 15.6
    280 11
    544 21.4
    364 14.3
    242 9.5
  • Nominal Capacity and Weight

    Maximum capacity
    48 ltrs 11 (UK) glns
    Maximum load weight
    20 kgs 44.1 lbs
    Tare weight
    2.97 kgs 6.5 lbs
  • Configuration and Stacking

    For use on a 1200x800mm Pallet (Code 03), with Pallet lid cover (Code 50):

    Units per pallet layer: 4

    Stacked layers: 3

    Max. Unit Load Block Pallet: 12

    Auto Lid (1200 x 800): 1

    For use on a 1200x1000mm Pallet (Code 60), with Pallet lid cover (Code 61):

    Units per pallet layer: 5

    Stacked layers: 3

    Max. Unit Load Block Pallet: 15

    Auto Lid (1200 x 1000): 1

    Unit loads should be banded for transportation using two plastic bands

    Single R-KLTs can be stacked up to 12 high, loaded on a level and solid base

  • Temperature Range

    Minimum / Maximum
    -20 °C / 60 °C -4 °F / 140 °F


  • Materials

    Polypropylene, blue to RAL 5003

  • Recommended Use / Applications

    Harnesses, Injection valves, Mirror caps, seals

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