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  • Coca-Cola reduces its pallet related CO2 emissions by 60%

    Thanks to the use of reusable wooden pallets from CHEP, Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has achieved a 60% reduction in its CO2 emissions from the use of pallets across Spain and Portugal. During the last year they have prevented the emission of ...
  • ROSSMANN and Nutricia supply chain: high efficiency and sustainability in practice

    Established and customer-proven Nutricia and ROSSMANN brands have been using CHEP blue pallet pooling system for several years. Thanks to pooling-  a solution based on the principles of circular economy -  both the manufacturer and the retailer not ...
  • Tereos TTD: Two centuries of transportation of Czech sugar

    The history of sugar production in the Czech Republic stretches back to the end of the 18th century. Today the industry incorporates innovative methods, such as pallet pooling for distributing sugar to customers. What are the challenges of current ...
  • PENNY, Unilever and CHEP - effective supply chain of a new era

    Given the volume of goods transported between Unilever and PENNY centers, great emphasis must be placed on the efficiency, flexibility and sustainability of their supply chain. Recent challenges associated with the coronavirus pandemic highlighted th...
  • Unilever reduces the annual CO2 emissions associated with the use of pallets by 285 tonnes

    Thanks to the long-term use of CHEP pallet pooling, Unilever has reduced the amount of CO2 emissions from the use of pallets in its supply chain by 285 tonnes per year. In just one year, it prevented the generation of 24 tonnes of waste. This is the ...
  • Mahou San Miguel reduce its CO2 emissions by 12%

    Mahou San Miguel joined CHEP's Collaborative Transport Solutions program in 2015. The program, with more than 225 customers throughout Europe, is designed to optimize truck routes, sharing transportation with other customers or with CHEP. This is pos...
  • El Corte Ingles achieves significant environmental savings thanks to CHEP

    Thanks to the use of CHEPs pooling system, El Corte Inglés has managed to reduce its CO2 emissions by 55% compared to the single-use pallet. CHEP and El Corte Inglés have collaborated together for the last 20 years, working together to achieve envir...
  • Výhody CHEP poolingu

    Instead of tying up capital buying pallets, rent them from CHEP. You’ll be sharing in the world’s largest pool of high-quality platform solutions. We can manage the supply, maintenance, storage and quality assurance of the pallets you need, while you...
  • Case Study: Endurance Technologies

    Endurance Technologies Ltd. is one of India's leading automotive component manufacturing companies. When faced with the challenge of developing and implementing a safe, cost effective and sustainable packaging system for the transport of clutches to ...
  • Cum puteţi răspunde cererii sezoniere prin închiriere

    Polska Woda este cel mai important producător intern polonez de apă de izvor de înaltă calitate. În fiecare an, îmbuteliază peste 250 milioane de litri, de aceea este vital să răspundă în mod eficient la cererea sezonieră, mai ales între lunile mai ș...
  • Case Study: Fight food waste in Romania

    On 3rd November 2016 CHEP Romania and the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) held a launch event for the first food bank in Romania to be part of the FEBA network. With the latest United Nations reports showing that 40% of Romanians are at risk...
  • Case Study: European Federation of Food Banks

    CHEP has agreed to give cash donations and in-kind contributions to the European Federation of Food Banks to help it open new food banks across the continent.
  • Case Study: FareShare

    Robert Spencer will lead CHEP’s collaboration with food banks through a secondment with FareShare, a UK food bank charity.
  • Case Study: Tenneco

    Tenneco worked closely with the CHEP team to analyse the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the existing solution and trial the new packaging concept lane by lane. The analysis included lease versus purchase of returnable containers, with CHEP’s busine...
  • Case Study: Global FoodBanking Network

    The Global FoodBanking Network helps 6.8 million needy people each year and CHEP supports it with supply chain knowledge, in-kind contributions and volunteers.

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