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  • February 04, 2022 - UK - Weybridge

    Packaging Solutions as Important as Lower Emission Shipping

    All eyes are on the decarbonization of transport – including the trade option of choice, shipping – but for CHEP, global leader in sustainable supply chain solutions, the optimization of ocean containers using circular packaging solutions is as important

    Shipping is the preferred means of transport when it comes to global trade, with around 90% of traded goods…

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  • January 03, 2022 -

    How can we collaborate to decarbonise the supply chain?

    Five years on from the Paris Agreement, just one month on from COP26 and governments, regulators, investors, and customers are increasingly demanding that businesses play their part in global efforts to tackle climate change.

    Hundreds of the world’s largest organisations have now set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across their supply chains – setting ambitious goals to be…

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  • November 04, 2021 - Brambles

    Regeneration: the next step in sustainable supply chains

    We are living in an era of complex challenges. In the last decades, the world has realized and accepted that our production and consumption systems, the very same systems that created an unprecedented level of development and wealth, have surpassed the environmental boundaries of a healthy planet and corrective actions need to be taken urgently. because the current…

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  • November 04, 2021 -

    How to Cut Packaging Waste from your Supply Chain

    Packaging waste has become one of the biggest plagues of this decade, mainly due to its proliferation and single use.

    According to Eurostat, Europe produced 170 million tonnes of packaging waste in 2018 (equivalent to 174kg per European inhabitant), approximately 40% being cardboard and paper, 20% plastic, 20% glass and 20% wood. Due to poor waste management…

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  • March 03, 2021 - UK - Weybridge

    Is electrification still coming as a shock to the automotive sector?

    In 1898, a young Ferdinand Porsche developed the Lohner-Porsche – a horseless carriage with hub-mounted electric motors directly driving each wheel, powered by a hybrid mix of batteries and a gasoline generator.

    There was a flurry of electric cars after that, but as petroleum became much more affordable in the 1900s electric vehicle production lapsed again, becoming mainly…

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