CHEP supports Start-Ups

You are a young Start-Up and really would like to take off and master the challenges of the industry?

We share our know-how with you, get you in touch with the professionals in the industry and offer a wide range of help - in regular events, workshops and personal discussions.

Your ways of thinking and working make us curious. We look forward to innovative products, unusual impulses and fresh ideas. We all benefit from greater networking by learning from each other and inspiring each other.
The CHEP Start-Up initiative is the center of groundbreaking industry impulses.

This is how we support you

CHEP as the largest European service provider for supply chain solutions has a lot of experience and a large network. We support you in optimizing your supply chain and expanding your sales channels.

  • Free-of-charge Consulting

    Our project team of key account managers, representatives of trade and industry, marketing and supply chain will answer all your questions and provide you with tips and tricks.

  • Community with smart ideas

    Network with other Start-Ups in the industry, with dealers and industry partners! Our community maintains an active, open exchange, works together on challenges and shares experiences so that others can benefit from them.

  • Logistics from a single source

    Talk to us and choose the suitable forwarder for your needs from our large portfolio. We'll put your relations out to tender so that you pay as little as possible.

  • Events for clever innovations

    We regularly organize Start-Up events and develop innovations and sales strategies together with professionals from the industry.

  • Affordable to the point of sale

    You benefit from very competitive conditions for the quarter pallet, the ideal, standardized platform for an effective advertising placement in the trade.

  • The innovative Start-Up display

    In cooperation with our partners we have developed a display especially for Start-Ups that has advantages for the trade and your Start-Up.

    Alternatively, we have negotiated fair prices for you with a display manufacturer - even for small quantities.

  • You don't understand the language of commerce? 

    EAN code, secondary placement, quarter-pallet, POS, SKU, are still foreign words for you?

    No problem - talk to us, we will help you!

A selection of our Start-Up partners:

These well known Start-Ups have effectively placed their products on the market with our support.

  • Opa Alfi's Eistee

  • Grizzly Snacks

  • Caffezza

  • Knödelkult

Iced tea the way it should be

It all began in the summer of 2015, when Lucas Bauknecht, a student from Cologne, had the idea for an unconventional organic iced tea. As part of its commitment to young companies, CHEP helps Grandpa Alfi's over the numerous hurdles on its way to food retailing. The Start-Up benefits from the large network and innovative supply chain solutions of the logistics expert.

Check it out!
Opa Alfi's Eistee
Opa Alfi's Eistee

Wild Snacks

Originally founded in 2013 as the first lifestyle brand in the snack industry, founders Phillip and Julius develop innovative foods that are natural, simple, functional and delicious.

Therefore it was clear that they were interested in the CHEP Start-Up initiative and were there from the very beginning when the Start-Up Display range was developed. Meanwhile, the beary snacks of the two are available at different retailers in some regions.

Get your Snack!
Grizzly Snacks
Grizzly Snacks

The Bread Saviours!

Knödelkult has its own recipe to give a new life to saved bread - as a delicious dumpling.

In order to save as many breads as possible, Knödelkult with CHEP has had the opportunity to offer its dumplings in large parts of NRW and even in Berlin. Thanks to the close cooperation and the Start-Up display, Knödelkult can be found not only in Constance, but also in Langenfeld, Berlin and Marburg.

Rette dir ein Brot

Cold coffee in a can

The still young Start-Up "Caffezza" was founded in the summer of 2017. Caffezza is not a cold coffee, but a new innovative beverage category. Invented in Frankfurt am Main and soon at home anywhere, thanks to CHEP.

Thanks to our innovative Start-Up display, Caffezza was able to position itself outside its region around Frankfurt with other well-known retailers in other German states.

Get the energizer!

Have we sparked your interest?

Start-Up Display

"We at CHEP support your Start-Up to develop an optimal supply chain and position you in the market."

If you are interested in our service, you are welcome to contact our Start-Up team

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