Move more, more safely, for less overall cost and with less risk.

Transporting raw produce and materials from their origins – the first mile of the supply chain – needs the highest standards of safety and the lowest risk of contamination or damage. And delivery needs to be guaranteed, as delays will affect the rest of your customers’ supply chains.

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The first mile challenge

You also have huge pressures on costs and margins.

How can you do it all?

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CHEP helps you move more with less

CHEP is the world leader in pooled pallets, taking cost, capital expense and risk out of transporting your produce and materials.

You get the hygienic plastic pallets you need, exactly where and when you need them, and we take care of everything else – cleaning, repairs, storage, collection and even disposal.

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At CHEP we like to go the extra mile.

Get an hour’s free consultation with one of our first mile experts to see how you can increase your supply chain efficiency and reduce your costs.

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Why the world is moving to plastic pooling

The move away from white wood pallets is increasing. The need to prevent pallet damage and contamination, the problems caused by white wood exchange, and the overall complexity of the white wood process means that it’s not giving you the certainty, security and cost-effectiveness you need.

But this leaves producers with a dilemma – which plastic pooling solution should you use?

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Why CHEP is the preferred pooling solution

The move away from white wood pallets is increasing. The need to prevent pallet damage and contamination, the problems caused by white wood exchange, and the overall complexity of the white wood process means that it’s not giving you the certainty, security and cost-effectiveness you need.

There are other plastic pooling providers – but none of them close to CHEP’s network size, experience or volume of platforms.

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How CHEP can help you

Every business is different. And we don’t pretend that one solution fits all. So best way to find out how CHEP can help your materials and produce get where they need to be – in the best possible condition, for a lower overall cost – is to talk to us.

Our consultants understand your business problems, and can talk your language. We can advise you on anything from technical specifications to a full site visit.

You can have up to an hour’s consultation with a CHEP expert in solutions for the first mile, absolutely free. Book now by simply clicking here.

We’re confident that we can show you that we can help you move more, with less.

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Our pallets

Because our pallets have to last longer, we make sure they’re designed and built better – so you always get the quality you need.

  • Most hygenic option

    They’re made from virgin, food-grade plastic, certified contaminate-free, and built using a single piece injection moulding. This means they’re safer to handle and one of the most hygienic options available.

  • Compliant with the latest food safety standards

    Our pallets help your supply chain stay compliant with the latest food safety standards and certifications. And because they are standard dimensions, designed to work with automated systems, they can travel through you and your customer's supply chains without costly re-palletisation.


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Why “pallets as a service” works better for everyone

Using CHEP pallets is both economically and environmentally more sustainable.

As the world’s biggest supplier of pooled pallets and containers we own, manage, maintain, repair, wash, deliver and collect our platforms. So you only pay for what you need, while you’re using it.

Most of all, CHEP’s size and integration into so many of Europe’s supply chains means that we help coordinate more goods movements than anyone else. This gives us data and  insights to help your transportation fit better with your customers’ needs.

How does CHEP work?

Our FAQ:

Quick answers to the most important questions

  • How can I minimise the risk of contamination in my supply chain?

    CHEP uses virgin, food-grade plastic, certified contaminant-free, reducing the need for repalletisation and the danger of contamination. CHEP also takes on the repair and washing of your pallets to eliminate debris or contamination. 

  • How can I reduce damage to products and the people handling them?

    Unlike some plastic pallets, CHEP can supply the highest quality available – injection-moulded and designed as a single piece for more durability, and less chance of product or handler damage.

  • How can I know that we are able to deliver to our customers, no matter what?

    CHEP has the scale to guarantee supply, even during peak/seasonal/ unexpected demand, and has the largest network to work around major incidents that could disrupt your flow to your customers.

  • How can I make sure that we don’t damage our reputation with our customers?

    The reputational cost of contamination or product damage can be huge – CHEP’s higher quality platforms reduce that risk. Variable pallet quality causes delays and returns. CHEP pallets last up to 10 times longer than other pallets.

  • How can I demonstrate that I can reduce costs without impacting efficiency or quality?

    With CHEP you only pay for what you use, while you’re using it. We take care of everything else, removing the hidden cost, risk and administrative workload of ownership, making your supply chain faster, cheaper and more efficient.

  • How can I make my supply chain rationalised and more responsive?

    CHEP’s transport collaboration, standardised platforms and more responsive collection engine make your supply chain far faster, simpler and more efficient. CHEP helps you and your customers rationalise your pallet flows.

  • How can we deliver more while reducing our environmental impact?

    CHEP’s share and reuse service model is inherently more sustainable, and with transport collaboration can significantly reduce part loads and empty miles.

  • How can we prove that we are meeting certification programs?

    CHEP uses certified sustainable plastic and is designed to last far longer than most other pallets (making them more sustainable). Using CHEP makes it far simpler to meet certification programs like BRC, IFS, etc. 


  • Intercontinental Solutions
  • System Wide Solutions
  • Harvesting, Processing and Warehouse Solutions
  • Store Solutions
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Transportation Solutions
  • Intercontinental Solutions

    With operations in more than 60 countries and over 300 million platforms in circulation, we’re in a unique position to help move your goods across borders or continents.

    About this solution
  • System Wide Solutions

    CHEP provides our customers solutions that improve efficiencies, eliminate waste, and accelerate flows across silos, departments and trading partners.

    About this solution
  • Harvesting, Processing and Warehouse Solutions

    Improving the construction and handling of product loads inside your facilities begins with utilising better platforms and processes.

    About this solution
  • Store Solutions

    Our store solution strategies and consumerfacing platforms help you sell more product at higher margins.

    About this solution
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    As more businesses turn to their supply chain to improve financial, environmental and societal outcomes, our platforms and solutions provide even greater value.

    About this solution
  • Transportation Solutions

    We supply, deliver, collect and receive millions of CHEP platforms every day through a vast logistics network that integrates our transportation resources with the resour

    About this solution
      • Pallet solutions for the first mile

        CHEP in the first mile. Reduced risks. Quality assured. You need the highest possible safety standards for your production line. And in the first mile – the first point in your supply chain when raw materials and ingredients are transported to manufacturers.

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      • Value Chain Analysis

        We can help you find inefficiencies in your supply chain and fix them by collaborating with you to conduct a Value Chain Analysis, a graphical depiction of your entire supply chain that identifies all product, platform and data flows.

        See details
      • Platform Management

        CHEP is the leading national platform provider with a deep understanding of both pooled and recycled pallets — and the volume of supply your business requires.

        See details
      • Automated Systems Optimisation

        The Automated Systems Optimization solution from CHEP — the company that knows more about how pallets work with automated equipment than anyone else —can help you get the most out of your equipment and your entire supply chain.

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      • Unit Load Construction

        CHEP makes Unit Load Construction simple. Our software-based process is customized, efficient and cost-effective. You may be introducing new packaging, or reconfiguring unit loads to optimize store delivery.

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        • Food Waste Reduction

          CHEP food waste experts will review your supply chain to find weak links. We’ll systematically evaluate all of your transport packaging and material handling systems to figure out where the waste is happening.

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        • Carbon Neutral Platforms

          The CHEP Carbon Neutral Platforms program maximizes the use of the most sustainable platforms and decreases your environmental impact even further.

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        • Environmental Impact Analysis

          With an Environmental Impact Analysis, CHEP will find ways to help you eliminate waste, increase your efficiencies, lower costs and use more sustainable materials.

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        • Transport Sourcing

          CHEP has extensive experience negotiating hauling contracts and optimizing our own transportation network. We can use that intelligence and expertise, as well as our extensive transport database, to help you optimize yours.

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        • Collaborative Transport

          At CHEP, we use our unique scale, reach and data to enable our customers to get all the benefits of transport collaboration, cutting empty miles, wasted fuel and needless C02 emissions from their supply chain.

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