Quarter Pallet Wheeled - 600 x 400 mm (6043)

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This reusable, retail-ready, wheeled display platform is ideal for promotional use, enhanced product visibility and easy replenishment at point of sale. It is pooled and serviced throughout CHEP’s network of service centres, facilitates co-packing and cross-docking across the supply chain, and includes a RFID track-and-trace device for effective goods and asset control. It comes fitted with a brake for enhanced safety from the production line to the shop floor.

Features and Benefits

Boosts sales and brand recognition thanks to higher product visibility and improved availability. Reduces overall cost for displayed product thanks to easy replenishment and minimal product damage. Integrated inner and outer Blue Click® connectivity connects to retail-ready packaging solutions, making replenishment easy. Increases brand exposure and revitalises low-performing shelf zones, while maximising product sales across the facing area. Ideal for the steady display of one or various SKUs on one or two separate retail-ready packaging units.

Full operational mobility means virtually no need for manual handling equipment. Fitted with self-centring wheels and an ergonomic brake for enhanced safety across the supply chain to the store. NAS-Piek approved wheels reduce noise – ideal for out-of hours delivery to residential areas.

Designed for optimum strength/weight ratio utilising unique ribbing structure. Improved wheel design provides additional strength and stability for safe handling of valuable loads. No sharp edges or splinters so no risk of loose components –increases product integrity across the supply chain. Structural integrity makes repairs virtually unnecessary

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  • Dimensions - in millimeters Dimensions - in inch

    600 23.6
    400 15.7
    165 6.5

    Incremental Stack Height: 153 mm

    Height from ground to underside: 125 mm

    Clearance between castors (600 side): minimum 299 mm

    Clearance between castors (400 side): minimum 124 mm

  • Nominal Capacity and Weight

    Maximum load weight
    250 kgs 551.2 lbs
    Tare weight
    6 kgs 13.2 lbs
  • Configuration and Stacking

    Stacked layers in transit when open
  • Temperature Range

    Minimum / Maximum
    -30 °C / 50 °C -22 °F / 122 °F


  • Materials

    Wheels: two fixed wheels in grey and two self-centring swivel wheels in blue. All wheels made of rubber outer and PA (polyamide) inner.

    Top Deck: grey polypropylene (PP) Frames and brake: galvanised and zinc-plated steel

  • Handling

    Can be used with all standard handling equipment – ideal for cross-docking across the supply chain.

    Compatible accessories and EU carrier pallet available.

    Fully stackable, with improved nestability for a more efficient use of storage and transport space.

    Stacks of up to 16 unloaded pallets can be pushed manually.

    Stacks of up to eight pallets can be fork-lifted and, if shrink-wrapped into pairs or groups of four, loaded onto trucks for transportation.

    Four-way entry for easy access from multiple sides.

    Incorporated stretch-wrap retainer aids unit load wrapping.

    Ergonomic handle holes for safe handling.

    Compatible with standard plastic crates and beverage trays.

    The dolly should not come into direct contact with the following substances: Benzene-based compounds, Chlorine based compounds, Oleum, Notric Acid, Bromic Acid, Methyl Bromide.

    The dolly is highly resistant to migration which will minimise any cross contamination with the products being carried.

  • Performance and Standards

    EN 12674 (overall performance), ISO 8611–1/2/3 (load-bearing/durability), ISO 22878:2004 (wheel performance), ISO 2234 (stacking), ISO 10531 (stability), ASTM 4728 (vibration resistance), ISTA 3E (performance with packaging) 
  • Recommended Use / Applications

    Please DO NOT rack unless a suitable carrier EU pallet and adaptor nesting tray are used. Testing should always be completed for use on automated systems due to the bespoke nature of each set-up. CHEP does not recommend the use of this pallet in direct contact with unpacked foodstuffs. 

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Quarter Pallet Wheeled - 600 x 400 mm | CHEP Greece