Positive influence on the entire supply chain

Few companies are able to exert such a positive influence over so many components of their supply chain as we do. We move more goods, we work in more factories, we share more transport solutions, we come into contact with more machinery and deliver to more warehouses than any other company in the world. We’ve been doing this for our customers all around the globe for more than 60 years. We’ve seen, experienced, discovered and improved a great deal and we’ve worked with a large number of people. Together we are establishing a better supply chain. 

CHEP Germany GmbH certified as TOP Employer Germany 2018

The prestigious award honors outstanding conditions for employees as well as exceptional performance in employee orientation. With the title, CHEP Germany is one of the world's leading employers and has successfully proven to meet the highest standards in personnel management. As part of the annual worldwide survey, 1,620 companies in 116 countries received the coveted award, including CHEP in Germany as well as in Great Britain, Spain, France, Belgium, Poland and Ireland.

CHEP is top employer
CHEP is top employer 2018

ECR Award in the business cooperation category

smaRTI (smart Reusable Transport Items) CHEP Deutschland GmbH + the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML + Mars Germany + REWEInformations-System GmbH/Penny distribution channel

Promotion Tracking3 CHEP Deutschland GmbH + real,- SB Warenhaus + Mondelez Germany + PAYBACK

ECR Award in the business cooperation category
ECR Award in the business cooperation category


Lean and Green


Our platforms and solutions allow your supply chain to achieve profitability and sustainability without having to compromise one for the other. This is probably the best service we offer. We not only strive to increase your net profit but also to reduce your negative impact on the environment: lower your carbon footprint, reduce your consumption of natural resources and the amount of waste sent to landfill. We minimise the conflict between profit and our planet by making your company more sustainable.


Our high-quality pallets, containers, RPCs, crates, inserts and storage solutions make it easier to organise, handle and transport freight in a more efficient and sustainable way. They arrive on time. They deliver more goods per load. They reduce damage to goods. They require less turnaround space. They improve health and safety. They optimise automated equipment. They improve the commercial product. They reduce costs. They improve sales at retail outlets. And they win prizes for design.

2016: Red Dot Award: Product Design
2017: Winner of the German Design Award in the retail category  
Blue Angel 

Design and sustainability
Design and sustainability

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