Smart Promotions: Digital extension at the POS to the end customer's smartphone

As market leader in the field of load carriers for standardised promotional and secondary placements in food retailing, CHEP can now equip its well-known quarter pallet with beacon technology on request in order to interact with the end customer at the POS via its smartphone. For the first time a nationwide infrastructure for the playout of digital content at the POS is created for retailers and manufacturers.

CHEP has access to a broad network of partners so that both manufacturers and retailers can use the "ready-to-push" option for their own app.

It is no secret that in food retailing, promotional or secondary placement ensures increased sales in the market. Over 70% of retailers are now investing in technology to enhance the customer experience, increase sales and attract new customers. In a US study, 73% of customers say they are more likely to buy in the store when retailers play beacon-supported content at the point of sale (POS). A trend that is also becoming more and more popular in Germany.

Arrange Beacon-supported content for the coming months
For manufacturers who again agree on campaign volumes with retailers in the upcoming annual meetings, it is also a good opportunity, for example, to directly agree on some campaigns with digital extension, so that this could then be played out to customers in the coming year.

For further information on booking or how to make an app fit for the draw, as well as for basic questions, please contact the Smart Promotions Team directly.

Shopper activation - CHEP proximity makes it happen

A beacon attached to a pallet display can have great impact on your sales and promotions.

  • unique identification

    The beacon is attached to the pallet and uniquely linked digitally to the product. This enables the pallet through the beacon to know which product or campaign is on it. 

  • speaking to the consumer

    Via Bluetooth, this beacon can now "talk" about this particular product and play information out to an end customer's smartphone while he or she walks past the pallet and the product in the store.

  • direct notification

    The feed to the customer can be played via any application that displays a push message on the customer's home screen when the customer is close to the product. 

  • widely applicable

    The application can be provided by the manufacturer or retailer - or left to a loyalty program provider.

  • choose the content

    The sent message can be of any design, such as pure product information, a coupon, a direct discount or a link to a video.

  • increase sales

    This results in an increased shopping experience for customers and new customer acquisition as well as sales increases in the 2-3-digit percentage range.

Personalize the shopping experience

Infografik Proximity Marketing smart promotion

Source:1) IRI, Lebensmittelzeitung Nr. 37; 2) GFK„Store Effects; 3) Zebra´s 2017 Retail vision study; 4)  Swirl Releases Results of Retail Store Beacon Marketing Campaign (survey)

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Creative solutions that inspire sales

CHEP Proximity Marketing is a service that we’re providing to help our customers sell more, and have a better relationship with their customers.

Promotions are a vital part of driving shoppers to your store and increasing sales. People are shown to be nearly 75% more likely to buy in-store with beacon-triggered offers, and it’s becoming something that people value as adding to their shopping experience.

But the investment in beacon infrastructure, installation and maintenance can be offputting.

CHEP Proximity Marketing is a unique opportunity to engage shoppers with instore promotions at the time and place when they’re most ready to make a purchase decision – when they’re right next to the promotion.

We use a Bluetooth beacon in one of our display pallets which has the promotion stacked on it. It connects to your store’s beacons and knows when a shopper with your loyalty app-enabled smartphone comes near. This triggers a push message to the shopper with a customised marketing message and an e-voucher that can be used at the till.

Making it as simple as possible to turn a purchase decision into an action.

This is proven to give a significant uplift in sales. But it also stimulates customer engagement with your store, and increases the value of your loyalty app.

And you don’t have to deal with the beacon infrastructure, installation and maintenance, because CHEP takes care of all of that for you.

So all you have to do is watch your sales and customer satisfaction rise.

Efren Pareja Category Manager, AhorraMas

The increase in sales and time saved compared to placing products on shelves is remarkable. CHEP Quarter pallets were also shown to provide better stock control in the stores, reducing stock-outs.

In Spain, AhorraMas a major manufacturer trialled the CHEP quarter pallet for six weeks with 2 SKUs at retail chain.

Awards and Certifications

Awards and Certifications

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Find CHEP platforms

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