Automotive Platforms

At CHEP, we have a wide range of standard, reusable platforms to cover your packaging needs for various types of parts. We provide large and small reusable platforms to customers around the globe, each specially designed to optimise the supply chain and better manage your products. Streamlining your business and eliminating non-value adding activities, such as repacking and line-side waste removal.

You will have ready-to-use platforms, when and where you need them as we clean, maintain, repair, deliver and collect our equipment, allowing you to focus on your business, not your packaging.

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Optimise your road freight

Our range of platforms include stackable small crates (KLTs), Foldable Large Containers (FLC) and pallets to optimise your transport and warehouse utilisation.

Our KLTs are designed to move smaller components, such as turbochargers, bolts, plugs, screws, brake disks, pipes, pumps and filters. These durable small containers are fit for line-side use, optimising space, whilst reducing waste and contamination. They are perfectly engineered to fit and stack on our pallets, with our lids, so that you really can move more with less - safely and more efficiently.

Our FLCs are designed to move products, such as catalysts, radiator grilles, transmission, engine parts and batteries in bulk. Providing maximum product protection and load stability, whilst folding down when not in use to save valuable storage space.

Your pallet and lid needs are unique: whether you need to ship goods across countries or borders, you need consistently fit-for-use pallets. We own, manage, and pool high-quality and reusable pallets to customers worldwide.

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Optimise your sea freight

We know that moving products across continents comes with its own risks and inefficiencies, so we have developed a range of reusable containers and solutions to make things simpler.

Our IsoBins and IcoQubes are packaging solution for intercontinental transport. It comes in multiple foldable sizes
specifically designed to maximise sea container capacity, therefore increasing component volume delivery whilst
saving transport costs.

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Your single partner for all your packaging needs…

We can supply a range of internal dunnage and inserts to ensure your products are always safe. They have been engineered to bring simplicity and efficiency. That’s why we’ll work with you to design inserts to give you more product protection, pack density and space utilisation, with less waste. Giving you the perfect fit for every product.


Insert Solution
Insert Solution

How you'll benefit

CHEP’s crate pooling solutions give you a cost-optimised, environmentally sustainable way of storing, transporting and protecting your products through your supply chain.

  • Better business. Better planet

    Optimised supply chains for create greater environmental benefits at the lowest possible cost

  • Move more with less

    Better transport and operational efficiency

  • Optimise your supply chain

    Reduced packaging, storage, transportation and handling costs

Automotive and Industrial

  • System-Wide Solutions
  • Intercontinental Solutions
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • System-Wide Solutions

    When you partner with CHEP, you’ll have the platforms, the quality, the supply and access to our broad array of solutions as well as our supply chain expertise.

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  • Intercontinental Solutions

    At CHEP we have dedicated intercontinental networks, systems and solutions designed especially for moving all types of automotive parts across the world.

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  • Sustainable Solutions

    At CHEP, we will collaborate with you, look at every aspect and movement in your supply chain, and find ways to reduce its impact on the environment. 

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