Unlock more efficiency in your supply chain

In order to improve your supply chain, you need to have a complete view, allowing you to identify your current total cost of ownership, and let you zero in on the root cause of any inefficiencies.

We find inefficiencies and recommend how to streamline your system by performing a Value Chain Analysis. We explore your entire supply chain and identify every opportunity.

CHEP's scale and supply chain expertise have helped our customers to move more with less. Our software and processes were designed based on our experience from around the world. We help to remove waste from your supply chain so that you can focus on your core business.

When you work with CHEP, you’ll find we have what it takes to make all that happen for your business and your supply chain. You’ll have the platforms, the quality, the supply and access to our supply chain expertise to help move more goods, to more places, more efficiently and more sustainably across the world.

Full service
An all-inclusive program that includes rental of platforms, platform repair and tracking services.


  • Cut supply chain costs and save on capital investment
  • Simplify operations and increase efficiency
  • Focus on core competency
  • Get the right platform, in the right place, at the right time

Managed service
Management of customer-owned fleets via tracking and asset control with our systems for visibility of movements.


  • Reduce loss rates and increase fleet visibility via tracking
  • Keep ownership of your assets, but take away the hassle of management and maintenance

Static hire
Hire what you need to support your seasonal production demands.


  • Avoid emergency one-way packaging
  • Pay only for what you need
  • Save capital investment and save warehouse space

Managed collections
Support an established milk-run environment, enabling synergies between in and outbound flows to be realised.


  • Synchronisation of the flow of equipment as well as goods
  • CO2 footprint reduced
  • Increase operational efficiency

Global team of experts with extensive experience

Knowledge and capability to innovate and deliver

  • World class product evaluation

    Optimising solutions through transport, packaging and handling simulations

  • Global team of experts with extensive experience

    Knowledge and capability to innovate and deliver

  • State of the art R&D tools

    Latest software and technology to ensure optimum solutions

  • Network of strategic supplier partnerships

    By partnering and collaborating, we stay competitive and innovative

Automotive and Industrial

  • System-Wide Solutions
  • Intercontinental Solutions
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • System-Wide Solutions

    When you partner with CHEP, you’ll have the platforms, the quality, the supply and access to our broad array of solutions as well as our supply chain expertise.

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  • Intercontinental Solutions

    At CHEP we have dedicated intercontinental networks, systems and solutions designed especially for moving all types of automotive parts across the world.

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  • Sustainable Solutions

    At CHEP, we will collaborate with you, look at every aspect and movement in your supply chain, and find ways to reduce its impact on the environment. 

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