IsoBin 30 - Automotive Platform (840)

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Reusable trip packaging to optimise shipping efficiency and sustainability. With a standardised international footprint, greater product protection and an improved empty return ratio, IsoBins are one of the most efficient international shipping containers available (tested to AIAG: RC9, ASTM, ISO).

Features and Benefits

Foldable design
Maximises return transport utilisation.

Simplest handling
One person folding operation with ergonomic latches and handles.

Ergonomically superior
IsoBins are easy to handle (easy access side gate for line side).

No servicing required
Repair and maintenance provided by CHEP.

Superior shipping efficiencies
Designed with a standardised international ISO footprint, IsoBin 30 can be stacked 4 high (dynamic load).

25% lighter than standard folding large containers
The light weight of IsoBins helps to maximise capacity and reduce shipping costs in each trip.

Premium product protection
The patented triple wall base is durable and impact-resistant to help reduce product damage and claims.

Reusable and environmentally friendly
Manufactured with 100% recyclable polypropylene (PP), IsoBins are fully sustainable. You reduce your carbon footprint and can recoup your capital costs within 1.5 trips.


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  • Dimensions - in millimeters Dimensions - in inch

    1140 44.9
    1190 46.9
    760 29.9
    1061 41.8
    1112 43.8
    592 23.3
    1140 44.9
    1190 46.9
    330 13
  • Nominal Capacity and Weight

    Maximum capacity
    660 ltrs 145 (UK) glns
    Maximum load weight
    907 kgs 1999.6 lbs
    Tare weight
    45 kgs 99.2 lbs
  • Configuration and Stacking

    Stacked layers
    Stacked layers in transit when open
    Stacked layers for storage when open


  • Materials

    100% polypropylene – fully recyclable plastic

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