Case Study: Eckes-Granini

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Saving time, space and even the planet: the revolutionary power of CHEP’s new quarter pallets

The Eckes-Granini Group, headquartered in Germany, is one of the leading producers of fruit beverages in Europe. It has an annual turnover of €899m, more than 1,600 employees and exports to over 80 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

Having worked with CHEP for many years, Eckes-Granini wanted to explore new ways to display its products in retail spaces, and to help co-packers and retailers create impressive displays, quickly and easily. It also wanted to cut its overall CO2 emissions, and find new operational efficiencies.

The Answer

In 2014, Eckes-Granini became one of the first companies to use CHEP’s New Generation quarter pallet, with patented Blue Click® technology, generating immediate benefits in display flexibility, handling and sustainability.

CHEP’s innovative solution makes point-of-sale displays safer and quicker to install

Steffen Riedel Head of Logistics, Eckes-Granini, Germany

Better displays, easier to build

By using the New Generation CHEP quarter pallet, Eckes-Granini has made it significantly easier for its co-packers and retailers to give its products the best possible displays in the best possible positions.

With Blue Click® technology, “the attachment of the displays is easier, faster and more stable, and the dismantling at the retailer can be done quicker,” says Steffen Riedel, Head of Logistics, Eckes-Granini Germany. It also gives packaging designers greater scope for creativity in display design.

A greener way of doing business

The New Generation CHEP quarter pallet is better for the environment in a number of ways. At 1.9kg, it’s 10% lighter than its predecessor, which means lower resource depletion during manufacture and lower fuel consumption during transportation. It’s also more economical with space – you can now stack it 36 high in a truck, compared with 30 before, which means fewer trucks on the road. It’s also carbon-neutral, meaning that all the CO2 emissions associated with its manufacture, maintenance and disposal are offset using independently verified carbon-reduction projects.

For Eckes-Granini, these environmental benefits are a powerful business case to present to stakeholders and investors. “The fact that all quarter pallets are carbon-neutral certified helps us with our sustainability agenda,” Riedel says.

Improved efficiency with the power of pooling

The New Generation CHEP quarter pallet is designed to improve operational efficiency across the supply chain – from reducing storage space requirements at depots by up to 20% to reducing the time spent attaching displays by up to 50% compared with previous models.

It also includes all the usual benefits of CHEP managed pooling: reduced costs, as you rent and share pallets rather than having to own and store them; reliability of supply, thanks to our unrivalled scale; and reduced pallet failures, thanks to our rigorous quality assurance.

The attachment of the displays is easier, faster and more stable, and the dismantling at the retailer can be done quicker

Steffen Riedel Head of Logistics, Eckes-Granini Germany

Four benefits of the CHEP solution

  1. CO2 emissions slashed: the new CHEP quarter pallet is around 10% lighter than its predecessor, meaning reduced fuel consumption as well as easier handling.
  2. The CHEP quarter pallet can now be stacked 36 high in a truck, instead of the previous limit of 30. This means fewer trucks on the road, lower transport costs and even lower CO2 emissions.
  3. The Blue Click system gives makes life easier for co-packers and retailers, by making it quick and simple to construct attractive displays.
  4. Better ergonomics: a new handle design allows workers to pick up the pallet more easily

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