About CHEP Spain

Leader in innovative supply chain solutions in Spain

When producers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers share our platforms, transport is easier and products move faster and more securely.

At CHEP, we improve supply chain efficiency and use our unique skills and knowledge to help our customers sell more, save money and become more sustainable.

Our success formula

Our network enables us to connect all of our customers and partners in Spain and Europe:

  • 4,000 customers
  • 83,000 delivery points
  • 65 million pallets used
  • 50 service centres
  • +1.000 trucks per day

Wide range of products
• We have the world’s widest range and greatest number of supply chain platforms.

A partner to all of our customers
• From SMEs to household names, we work with businesses in more supply chains than any other company.

• None of our competitors can match our in-depth knowledge, acquired over 60 years in 54 countries worldwide.

Our success formula
Our success formula

Our history in Spain


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  • Our history in Spain

Our history in Spain

CHEP is an Australian company belonging to the Brambles Group, which developed the Pallet Pooling System, and has been operating in Spain since 1987.

Our values

Better Business
• We provide efficient, safe and sustainable solutions for our customers’ supply chains.
• We work with our customers and suppliers to offer sustainable and mutually beneficial solutions.
• We are committed to achieving zero damage in the workplace.

Better Planet
• We minimise our environmental impact by constantly improving our platforms and solutions.
• We reuse scrap timber and we work to reduce other waste.
• We promote renewable resources and 100% of the wood we use comes from controlled sources.

Better Communities
• We collaborate actively with the communities in which we operate.
• We encourage our staff to participate in activities in the local community.
• Our companies support environmental, educational and food waste reduction initiatives.

Our values
Our values

Some of our customers

Some of our customers
Some of our customers

At CHEP, we work with our customers every day to help create innovative, sustainable, intelligent and original solutions.

Every business is different, so it is important that we listen to the needs of our customers, and understand their targets and goals. By doing so, we can create tailored solutions for each of them.

We are proud to serve over 4,000 customers in Spain, from owner/operators to multinational corporations, in a wide range of industries.

Quality Policy

Quality Policy
Quality Policy

CHEP Spain has implemented a quality policy based on 10 key points that are appropriate to the purpose of the organization and supports its strategic direction.

  • Satisfaction
    Satisfy the expectations and requirements of our customers, employees and stockholders, following with legal regulations.
  • Environment and Safety
    Protect the environment and guarantee the health and safety of our employees, customers and society in general in the development of our activities.
  • Customers and Suppliers Collaboration
    Keep and encourage relationships with customers and suppliers.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Have as objective the continuous improvement of our processes to simplify the business activities, reviewing, questioning and improving all procedures.
  • Process Innovation
    Be innovate in the application of techniques to improve quality in all activities.
  • Proactive vs. Reactive
    Getting it right the first time. Create an environment in which problems are treated as opportunities and the rule is to prevent the mistake instead of correcting it. Proactive vs. reactive.
  • HR Development
    Work continuously to provide employees with opportunities for development, contributing to the improvement and growth of our business. People are our highest value asset.
  • Quality Assurance
    Ensure that Quality, led by Management of the company, accepts from all its employees the support and contribution necessary for its development.
  • Training
    Educate properly all employees in the basic principles of quality processes.
  • Quality Management System
    Betting on the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System. Identify, record and analyze the non-conformities causes and eliminate them with the appropriate preventive and corrective actions.

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