Case Study: Hawkins Food Ingredients Group

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Searching for a Partner in Container Management

To help improve process efficiencies & ensure container quality, Hawkins went in search of a partner who could handle their container transportation,  maintenance, and tracking, while ensuring their quality standards were continually maintained.

Searching for a Partner in Container Management


Hawkins ships liquid ingredients to food manufacturers throughout the country. Transporting their liquid antimicrobial products to meat and cheese customers required the company to utilize Bottle-In-Cage (BIC) containers.

There were several issues with the use and maintenance of these types of containers, including:

  • Requiring significant warehouse space for BIC storage
  • Containers were capital intensive to purchase
  • Repairing and managing BIC were costly and time-consuming for Hawkins

Hawkins was looking to eliminate these supply chain inefficiencies and required their new solution to:

  • Avoid the use of capital on a non-core business function
  • Improve product safety, hygiene and quality control
  • Avoid in-house container fleet management
  • Improve storage and transportation efficiency
  • Reduce impact on the environment
  • Partner with an experienced reusable container pooler
  • Maintain competitive cost advantage

Bottom Line:

Improving process efficiencies and ensuring container quality were primary goals for Hawkins. Finding a reliable partner to handle transportation, cleaning, repair, and tracking, while ensuring cleanliness and quality standards was key to enabling Hawkins to focus on its core business, while driving growth and profitability.


Hawkins contacted CHEP to provide its Pay-Per-Use Trip container rental solution. As part of this all-inclusive fee, CHEP Pallecon Solutions provides:

  • Reusable container rental
  • Shipping to the filler and pickup from the end user
  • Container cleaning and repair
  • Dedicated Customer Service Representative
  • Tracking via CHEP-TRAC
    • 24/7 fleet visibility from any Internet-accesible computer

This program provides the ideal solution to meet Hawkins’ goals, including:

  • Ceasing the ongoing capital investment in Bottle-In-Cage
  • Minimizing storage and transportation costs through a collapsible container
  • Eliminating the need to clean, repair and manage containers in-house
  • Contributing to Hawkins’ sustainability goals


CHEP provides Hawkins with quality containers and a logistics management program to help them achieve their goals including cutting costs associated with packaging, eliminating waste in the supply chain and mitigating the risk of cross-contamination.

Utilizing CHEP shipping container management services has led to significant cost and labor savings as well as improved peace of mind for Hawkins. Knowing that clean, reliable containers will be in the right place at the right time, Hawkins can focus on growing their core business and providing exceptional service to their customers.

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