Building a Better Supply Chain

Improving the supply chain is a never-ending quest shared by companies around the globe.

Our platforms and solutions enable profitability and sustainability without having to compromise one for the other. We manage, maintain, transport and supply more than 300 million platforms that are shared and reused by growers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

For 60 years, we’ve empowered supply chains to use higher quality platforms, connect with more trading partners, reduce transportation, create less waste, use less natural resources, lower platform inventories and attain the efficiencies of standardization.

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This is the Supply Change

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  • This is the Supply Change

This is the Supply Change

CHEP manages, maintains, transports, and supplies more than 300 million platforms for our customers. Our higher quality pallets, containers, RPCs, bins, trays and store displays support the construction, handling and transport of more efficient and sustainable product loads. CHEP platforms and services play a critical role within every leg and across every trading partner in the supply chain. 

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