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More efficient, more reliable, more sustainable

When Refresco started realising the various problems it was having with white wood pallets, it came to CHEP for a solution. By moving away from white wood, Refresco has cut costs, improved sustainability and customer satisfaction.

More efficient, more reliable, more sustainable – all thanks to the move away from white wood

The Business

Refresco Gerber is one of Europe’s leading bottlers of soft drinks and fruit juices. In Poland, it has four factories that produce a total of around 180,000 PET bottles and cardboard cartons per hour – with contents ranging from carbonated water to sports energy drinks and ready-made tea.

The Challenge

Refresco approached CHEP in 2012 (prior to its merger with Gerber) for a solution to the various problems of using white pallets: inconsistent quality, high-cost maintenance and storage, complex inventory management and so on.

The Answer

With CHEP’s managed pooling service, Refresco can rent and share high-quality pallets, instead of needing to own, maintain and store them. As a result, it has not only cut costs but also improved its sustainability and customer satisfaction.

How pooling brings efficiency to the whole supply chain

By sharing equipment with other organisations in its supply chain, Refresco can move its products more efficiently, while improving its relationship with carriers and customers. By renting its pallets from CHEP, it no longer has to spend time and money on maintenance and storage – and it ensures that the right equipment is always available at the right time.

The company’s overall costs are more transparent too. With white pallets, it was more likely to experience equipment failures, incurring extra costs to replace damaged stock. With CHEP pallets, the quality is consistently high, meaning deliveries are less likely to be affected by pallet failure or product damage. This means lower costs, higher customer satisfaction and a safer supply chain.

Faster stock rotations with plastic display pallets

The use of plastic display pallets (600 x 400mm) has given Refresco more options for delivering products to customers.  By using this smaller type of pallet, it can control the quantity of goods going into a delivery with much more precision, and it can respond to customer demands much faster. For retailers, display pallets also enable faster stock rotation, improved

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