How does CHEP work?

From zero to CHEP in two minutes

CHEP’s business model is based on the concept of “Share and Reuse”. We call it Pooling. With the CHEP Pooling System you get the pallets you need from us on a rental basis. We believe that sharing and reusing products makes them more sustainable; that’s why you can’t buy our pallets. Under this principle it doesn’t matter whether you are a small local start-up or a company supplying the whole of Europe with your products.

We control the entire administrative procedure, retrieval and quality assurance of the pallets in a closed-loop system.

CHEP is simple

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CHEP is simple
  • You order the number of pallets you need via our online portal.
  • We deliver them to you anywhere in Lithuania within 60 hours.
  • You are only responsible for the pallets while they are in your hands.
  • You load the pallets with your products and send them to your customers. You inform us that the goods have been shipped via the online portal.

At this point your responsibility ends. We take care of the return of the pallets to our service centre, where they are checked and repaired if necessary. Our customers don’t need to worry about anything and always have a enough high quality pallets available – wherever and whenever they need them. That’s the service we offer.

How do I become a customer?

A flexible and reliable partnership, with no risk.
Participation in our Pooling System is without obligation for you. As a CHEP customer you have no minimum order quantity, membership fees or notice periods. That gives you a high level of flexibility.

  • Quote

    We send you a quote which is tailored to your business needs. You give us this information via our quote page.

  • Contract

    If you accept our quote, we send you a contract, which you sign and return to us.

  • Placing an order via myCHEP

    As soon as we receive the contract, we set up your online access to our online portal myCHEP. Now you are good to go and can order CHEP pallets. We are happy to support you, from your first order until you give notice.

Knowledge and expertise included

Use our knowledge base and the network we have gained from working with more than 20,000 companies around the world to make your deliveries more efficient and less expensive. Our employees are experts in supply logistics and can always provide useful tips. This is also part of the service we offer you as our customer.

Many well-known manufacturers and retailers, such as Henkel, Ferrero, Coca-Cola and Edeka, rely on the service we offer. That’s why goods such as washing powder, chocolate or lemonade arrive at the supermarket on our pallets. CHEP makes sure that everything is in the right place at the right time.

CHEP experts
CHEP experts

Our platforms

Request an obligation-free quote

Request an obligation-free quote from us today. For this we need some information about your deliveries and recipients. Click on this link to access our quote page. We will be happy to call you back!

Request a quote
Request a quote

How to return blue pallets?


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  • How to return blue pallets?

Follow these 4 steps:

1. Sort out CHEP pallets

2. Safely stack them

3. Go on and `Request a Pallet Pickup`

4. Complete the form and hit submit

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Find CHEP platforms

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How does CHEP work?