Case Study: Keeping Your People Safe

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Helping you improve safety

Quality doesn’t just keep products safe – it keeps people safe too.

And our commitment to quality assurance means we can help you to take better care of your people. It gives you the confidence that our platforms will perform to specification, and in turn it helps you to maintain a safer and healthier work environment – preventing injuries to your employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and the wider community.

Less movement means fewer accidents

Take the time to think about a 1.5-tonne load lifted five metres into the air. Would your current pallets be sturdy enough to hold it? There were 11,361 accidents involving pallets in 2012, including two fatalities, in Germany alone*.

CHEP pallets are quality-assured to maintain not only their strength but also their geometry, at industry-standard sizes. This means less pallet handling and sorting, and fewer product touches, across your supply chain. And where there’s less movement, there’s a lower risk of injury.

In 2015, CHEP UK received its third consecutive gold medal from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

Royal Society

How we help you work safely

  1. Consistent


    Well-made, well-designed platforms of a consistent quality that perform in a predictable way.

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  2. Assurance


    Rigorous quality assurance to make sure platforms are kept safe over their lifespan.

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  3. Standardised


    A reduction in the amount of pallet handling required, thanks to standardised pallet design.

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  4. Zero Harm

    Zero Harm

    In January 2016, CHEP Benelux celebrated its one millionth working hour without an accident – made possible by Zero Harm, a company-wide programme.

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Case Study: Keeping Your People Safe | CHEP UK