Case Study: Global FoodBanking Network

Global FoodBanking Network

The Global FoodBanking Network helps 6.8 million needy people each year and CHEP supports it with supply chain knowledge, in-kind contributions and volunteers.

CHEP, IFCO and Brambles have signed a three-year agreement with the Global FoodBanking Network (GFN), international non-profit organisation. Through this partnership, they will provide supply chain knowledge, in-kind contributions, volunteers and donations to help finance GFN operations, in an effort to reduce hunger, poverty, malnutrition and food waste globally.

The agreement comes as the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation reports that the value of food lost or wasted annually around the globe (one-third of the food produced) amounts to roughly US$680 billion in industrialised countries and US$310 billion in developing countries. At the same time, nearly 800 million people suffer from hunger every day.

The long-term commitment announced by CHEP, IFCO and Brambles is a strong example of partnership in action. It will deliver real benefit to the most vulnerable and needy by helping our food bank network to maximise its positive impact.

Lisa Moon President and Chief Executive Officer, GFN

Last year, food banks within GFN’s network distributed 421,840 metric tonnes of food to 6.8 million needy people in partnership with 27,000 charitable organisations and social centres. The GFN network consists of a total of 792 food banks located in 32 countries.

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Case Study: Global FoodBanking Network | CHEP