Transportation Solutions

More resources, better efficiencies

When you rent a pallet from CHEP, you become part of our network. It’s a network that supplies, delivers and collects millions of platforms every day – integrating our transportation resources with the resources of our customers and making supply chains more efficient.

Our scale, relationships with hauliers and cutting-edge logistics software work to lower your total platform costs. From this unique position we can coordinate opportunities to find you the right transportation solutions, to match and eliminate empty lanes, share transport, close open loops and contract transport for and from our customers.

A sustainable future

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Transport Solutions

We’re using our position to build for the future with collaborative logistics.

Stéphane Guilbert Logistics Director, Brüggen France

The CHEP Total Pallet Management programme is very beneficial… we have gained more flexibility and optimised transport costs, as well as improved quality and efficiency in our operations.

Global good

Our Transport Collaboration and Multimodal Planning programmes help supply chains run more efficiently and more sustainably.

More efficiency

We’re using our scale to make your business leaner and greener.

  • Fewer trucks

    We’ll work with you to consolidate your transportation activities and reduce trucks on the road.

  • Better capacity

    We analyse the equipment supply of our customers to identify ways to cut wasted truck capacity.

  • Smaller inventories

    When we move platforms for you, we can transport partial loads or just-in-time loads

  • Lower emissions

    By sharing transportation with customers, CHEP has reduced emissions by 5,200 tonnes per year.

Our lane matching tool

Transport Matching Tool

Thanks to our scale, we can use our transportation synergies to find and deliver value

Customer insights

Our insights into customer flows makes finding and negotiating the best rates for hauling freight one of our core skills.

CHEP Tender Management

Four steps to help you

  • Discussion

    Your CHEP account manager asks basic questions about your supply chain and existing arrangements under a non-disclosure agreement.

  • Investigation

    CHEP carries out an initial analysis using the information you’ve given us to see if you can benefit from the Tender Management process

  • Analysis

    If it is right for you, we’ll carry out a full analysis that will give you three options.

  • Options

    A. Benchmark current rates to strengthen negotiations B. Partial implementation to tender busiest lanes C. Full implementation throughout your network

Our system

Our scale and resource means we can connect more businesses to the benefits of collaborative transport


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