Coca-Cola reduces its pallet related CO2 emissions by 60%

Coca-Cola reduces its pallet related CO2 emissions by 60%

Thanks to the use of reusable wooden pallets from CHEP, Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has achieved a 60% reduction in its CO2 emissions from the use of pallets across Spain and Portugal.

During the last year they have prevented the emission of 6,638 metric tons of CO2, which is equivalent to 151 round the world trips by truck. In addition, CHEP pooling has helped CCEP save more than 5,200 trees and reduced the production of 570 tons of waste, comparable to the waste generated by 1,200 people annually.

To measure the environmental impact of Coca-Cola European Partners in Iberia, CHEP has conducted an independent study based on the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) according to ISO14044. The study ratified the environmental benefits offered by CHEP compared to alternative methods, such as the pallet exchange system or lost shipments.

Sustainability is no longer just a matter of social responsibility but must also be part of the business strategy of companies. For us it is, therefore, a key factor when choosing our suppliers. CHEP has proven to be able to offer sustainable solutions in line with our strategy, and to adapt to the needs of our supply chain.

Pedro Vinhas Vice President of Supply Chain of Coca-Cola European Partners in Iberia

CHEP Collaborative Transportation Solutions

To further reduce its emissions, Coca-Cola European Partners has recently joined the CHEP Collaborative Transportation Solutions, which, thanks to a dynamic database that includes more than one million routes with 225 customers across Europe, offers its customers the possibility of sharing transport with CHEP or with each other.

This collaboration system means significant savings in empty transport kilometres and costs, as well as the optimization of logistics processes and the reduction of CO2 emissions. CCEP also participates in CHEP's “Carbon Neutral Pallet” program, where customers can compensate for their annual carbon footprint derived from the movements of their quarter pallets. CCEP use a display pallet in the distribution centres. It is intrinsically innovative and sustainable and manufactured from 100% recycled mixed plastic.

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Coca-Cola reduces its pallet related CO2 emissions by 60%