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  • Case Study: FMCG | Spain | Supermarket Retailer

    The Business As a mid-sized retailer in Spain, this popular supermarket has a strong presence in the north of the country and a turnover of 600M per annum. The company currently employs over 6,000 people across its growing network of more than 170 s...
  • Closed-loop transportation - a saving method

    Nestlé in Poland is created by about 5,000 employees. In seven plants located in different regions of Poland, the company manufactures nearly 1,600 products that are a fixed part of the diet of consumers of all ages. Under the brand of Nestlé Waters,...
  • Integrated supply chain - optimisation at every stage

    A supply chain is a complex process created by many entities. Therefore, the search for logistic optimisation requires that the entire supply chain must be looked at and all the dependencies that build it must be understood. Analysing the supply chai...
  • Lack of drivers? Rising costs? CHEP has the solution

    It is estimated that there is currently a need of about 100,000 professional drivers in Poland. Although logistics companies have at their disposal the most modern technical facilities and IT systems to help them optimise their routes, this is insuff...
  • Pastacorp – enhanced security in the supply chain thanks to consistently high-quality carriers

    “Leasing pallets provides us with flexibility and improves the quality and efficiency of our operations.” Philip Caron, Plant Director, Pastacorp
  • Farmona – effective promotion on solid foundations

    Safe and attractive product displays – CHEP’s solution for Farmona – a company combining the latest developments in cosmetology with the benefits of natural plant ingredients.
  • Denholm Handling: From port to pallet and onto the shelf – reducing service and distribution costs

    How did CHEP help reduce costs and simplify the logistics process?
  • Streamlining deliveries thanks to CHEP’s reliable services

    Colgate-Palmolive - Standardised high-quality pallets mean more satisfied customers.
  • A dedicated solution for individual logistics requirements

    H&J Brüggen KB was facing transport and storage problems. Now, thanks to the innovative Total Pallet Management (TPM) project, it no longer has to worry about how to tackle this challenge.
  • Case Study: Fight Food Waste in Romania

    On 3rd November 2016 CHEP Romania and the European Federation of Food Banks (FEBA) held a launch event for the first food bank in Romania to be part of the FEBA network. With the latest United Nations reports showing that 40% of Romanians are at risk...
  • Case Study: Helping You Manage Costs

    If you use white-wood pallets then you’ll know that the purchase price can change frequently. White-wood pallet suppliers are typically small companies, each with their own pricing structure based on the fluctuating input costs of wood and fuel. So,...
  • Case Study: Supporting Every Business

    No matter what your size, or whatever your business, you can expect the same high standard of service as every other CHEP customer. Working with CHEP means you get access to a team of experts who are dedicated to anticipating and fulfilling your busi...
  • Case Study: A Way to Lower Waste

    Pooling equipment cuts waste in multiple ways. It’s based on repair and reuse, and CHEP will collect all your pallets, including any that are damaged, so you don’t need to worry about waste wood at all. What’s more, our managed pooling services redu...
  • Case Study: Less Damage, Happier Customers

    Product damage can hurt your profitability and your reputation. But with managed pooling, CHEP takes responsibility for pallet quality and can carry out a rigorous inspection of each pallet before it is reused. For you, this means a reduced risk of ...
  • Case Study: LJ Fairburn & Son

    LJ Fairburn & Son is one of the largest egg producers and packers in the UK. Established in 1951 with just 150 chickens, it now has over two-million birds yet is still owned by the same family. It delivers over 13 million eggs a week and produces...

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